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The Annihilation of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski
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Mar 07, 12

Read from March 01 to 07, 2012

PDF format loaded onto my Kindle (**was given free from author for an honest review**)

I was unsure what to expect going into this book, but I came out loving it. I started reading and was immediately sucked into the book, much like the boys in the book were sucked into Foreverland. In the book a group of boys are on an island and partake in an exercise called Foreverland. On the island the boys don’t remember anything about their lives, the memories they have are not their own, but a hodge-podge of memories that were put into their brains upon coming to the island. They are told they are there to be helped and healed because they were bad in the outside world. It is easy when you are a young boy to not question this at all when you are given free range on an island, being told you don’t have to work or have any chores and all you have to do is play in the gaming world, eat, have fun, and go into the Haystack for virtual rounds of gaming in Foreverland. Two boys on the island do question the situation though, Reed and Danny Boy. Reed questions things and was given a sign in his dreams by a girl he is pretty sure he knows, to not take the needle (the needle puts the boys into the virtual world in the Haystack), but to resist it. Reed does resist, but is tortured because he won’t take the needle. The Investors and Director say he needs to take it to be out of pain and begin healing. Reed sticks to his guns and is tortured as a result. Danny Boy never once hesitated taking the needle, but he too feels something is not quite right. Where do the boys who are “Smoked” when they graduate this island go? Why do they want Reed to take the needle so badly they will torture him until he finally gives in? Where are his memories of his real life before the island? Where do the Investors that guide the boys go when they “graduate”? Danny Boy has many questions and very little answers. He is a very intelligent boy and also, as it turns out, a computer genius. If anyone is to find the answers to what is really going on, on this island of mystery for misfit boys it is Danny Boy. Question is…will he find the answers before it’s too late and what will happen if he doesn't find answers? What will the Investors and Director do to keep their secrets hidden from the outside world and Danny Boy?

Other boys there think Reed is crazy and stupid for not just taking the needle to go to Foreverland to heal. They think it is a great place, a place they can remember tid-bits of their previous memories, a place they can do and be whatever they want. They are ok with the fact that none of them know what is really going on or what happens when you graduate after being healed. They just go through the motions like they are told to and make the best of the island. The other boys tell Danny Boy not to talk to or befriend Reed, but Danny Boy can't ignore Reed once he sees the girl Reed dreams about in Foreverland when he is there. She tells him that he will be able to help her and Reed. But how? And who is this mysterious red headed girl anyway?

This book is filled to the breaking point of action, adventure, and page turning fun. It reminded me a little of the movie the Matrix in the way of going into another world through the needle. It also reminded me of the movie Tron with how Danny Boy was able to use his knowledge of computer code to become computer code to try and get answers to his questions about the island and what was really going on. All through the book I found myself thinking, is it really such a bad place? As the book revealed more I became questioning of the place, much like Danny Boy did. When it all clicked into place I was in awe of the author and shock for the story. This is a must read for any sci-fi fan. I very highly recommend this book!

5/5 Stars!!!
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