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Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Mar 01, 2012

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Emily Grace
Miss Jackson
English III
Book Review
I enjoyed the characters in the book; Double Identity. The characters accurately portrayed real emotions throughout the story. They were challenged with a problem and in order to overcome it they had to pick up and use small clues that they found throughout the story. The main character Bethany was left with an aunt she has never met before. She is a teenager, already dealing with life issues and is now left with nothing. She had grown up with the perfect family and until recently when her mom became mentally unstable. She does not know what she did to deserve to be left at this unfamiliar house, but she refuses to give up. Bethany had to face a lot, and the author showed how she felt. It not only told the viewer how she mentally felt, but also how she felt physically. The author helped the reader put themselves right into situation and feel what Bethany felt. I remember when I read about how Bethany found out about her past and she wanted to be left alone. She needed time to think, and I can relate to that. When you’re faced with a lot in a little amount of time, you need time to think alone so you feel like you have control again.
The author generally used conversation to develop both the storyline and the characters. I believe that this was extremely successful. The use of conversation allowed the reader to connect more intimately with the characters. Conversation allows the reader to see inside the characters’ minds and to completely understand the inner workings of their thoughts. However, I found the book to be rather simple. The author did not use allegories, metaphors, or similes. Most language devices were not used. This created a text that was simple to read, but lacked to grab the reader’s attention.
I liked the book Double Identity but I wish I could have read more about how she dealt with her challenge; I like reading and learning about how people overcome struggles in their life. Bethany did a good job with how she dealt with all the change in her life, especially with little amount of support she was given. This book can teach the reader a lot about how to handle difficult situations. As Bethany’s dad said, “There’s a lot you don’t understand. A lot you can’t understand.” This holds true for most difficult situations, because in most cases no matter how hard one tries to understand, there is always something that can’t be understood.

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