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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
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Jul 09, 2007

it was amazing
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So I feel I must publicly expound my Severus Snape theory before the last Harry Potter book comes out. I know, it's a total guilty pleasure, but damnit, I love that ragtag bunch of misfit wizards. So prepare to be awed by my genius analysis of the eternal question: Is Severus Snape evil?

Well, in one word - Completely. Quiet down, quiet down, quit your uproaring and just hear me out. In the world that Rowling created for Harry Potter almost every character is either goodness and light or darkness and doom. Sure they have conflicts and sometimes shit ain't easy, but their motivations are always clean cut. Snape is the one mystery. He seems evil, but he protects Harry, sort of. Dumbledore trusts him, but he makes pacts with the Malfoys. What's a muggle to think? Well, I'll tell you what to think. Snape is only looking out for #1. He's got designs on blossoming from the picked on nerdy potions kid to the unquestioned dark overlord or everything.

Oh, spoiler alert: If you haven't read the 6th book, I'm totally about to blow the ending for you.

You might be saying, 'Well then why does Dumbledore trust him? Dumbledore's super smart and would know if he was evil.' Well it's because when Dumbledore asks him, "No, seriously Snape, are you done with Voldemort?" Snape can say, "Of course, guy," and be telling the truth. He's done with that shit and he's got his eyes on the prize for himself. Even under the control of the Veritaserum he can honestly say he's not working for old Voldy. So thus he gains Dumbledore's trust in that he's no longer a Death Eater. Booyakasha! (And how genius was it for Snape to arrange a plan with Dumbledore to kill him (Dumbledore) at the end of the 6th book!? We all know that shit was preordained, what with all the "Snape, you just gotta do it," jive by big D. So everyone's led to think that even though Snape now seems like a bad guy he really isn't. Oh you poor, feeble-minded saps.)

Ok, so now you're going to ask why would Snape ever protect Harry? He hates Harry's dad and he's got no love for the boy either, so why has he saved him in the past? BECAUSE Harry's the only one who can destroy Voldemort and quite possibly vice versa. So what's Snape gonna do? He's gonna pit the two of them against one another and let them destroy each other. Then the way will be clear for Snape to rule unopposed. Ha! Goddamn I'm a genius!
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Evelyn Bryant I think that Snape wants to be evil, he admires evil, he craves evil, etc..... but.....he just doesn't have what it takes to truly be evil. He only wants it because it would give him untold power that all muggles in their own world and wizards and witches in theirs want. The question is what do you do with your power ? Do evil or do good. So Snape does good because that is who he really is in spite of the childhood he had. So in my opinion he rises above those who tormented him.

Andrea Wall I don't think Snape is evil.. not anymore at least. Before I read # 7 I was total *die snape die* But after reading book seven... I can no longer rant about the evilness of snape and how he disgusts me.... oh well I'm sure I'll find something else to do.... :)

Cristina The most evil character thus far (to me) has been Umbridge. She is the devil! I haven't read 7 yet, can't wait.

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