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Embrace by Cherie Colyer
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Feb 29, 12

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Read on February 29, 2012

This is my second read 2 review book. So thanks to the author Cherie Colyer for sending it to me.

Madison and Kaylee are best friends. Kaylee is dating Josh. Madison use to date Kevin. Isaac moved across the street from Josh. Madison thinks Isaac is hot. They have a connection. 


 Kaylee claims to so weird things like people in parking lots or people in capes that resemble reapers. Madison swears weird things happen around Issac, slashed tires get fixed and her broken arm heals.

One day at school Kaylee loses it. She freaks out has to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She is screaming and hitting at things that aren't there. The doctors can't figure out what's wrong with her. They think she is on drugs even though the gets came back negative. Madison looks not he Internet to see if she can come to some sort of conclusion about what is happening to Kaylee. A site pops up that has the most similar set of symptoms, the problem is its a site about witches and curses.

The site tells you how to do a simple spell to see if you have powers. Madison try's it and it works. She lights a whole room of candles with only one lite to start with. Madison almost starts the house on fire because the flames won't go out the keep getting bigger. Then Isaac walks in. He extinguishes the flames with one word. Madison looks at him, he is a witch also.

 Madison freaks out he must be the one who cursed Kaylee. Madison is so pissed. Isaac calms her down and explains he knew about her powers and that he didn't curse Kaylee but he could feel that someone had and he was trying to help.

Madison also finds out that Josh is a witch. All because they had family members that had powers. They could be traced back to the Salem witch trials. Madison has a epiphany. She knows what is cursing Kaylee. It's the necklace she is wearing. The one Mark had given to Madison but she gave it to Kaylee. They go to the hospital and break the necklaces hold on Kaylee and break her out.

Madison and Isaac have two near death experiences because someone is trying to curse them. Then Madison's old boyfriend Kevin shows up and everything get really complicated. 
Like how Kevin is also a witch.

They end up finding out who is trying to curse Madison and take that persons powers away. Kevin goes back to his home and everyone lives happily ever after.

This book was okay. I found it very lovey dovey. It was a quick read. I just found the first few chapters not that exciting, it does pick up later on. At first I found it hard to tell if Madison or Kaylee were the main character. Also I found that there were a lot of witch characters so I found it too much. I liked that nothing was left unanswered. The book could have a prequel, but doesn't have to. For an ebook it had very good grammar. 

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