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Amanda's Young Men by Madeline Moore
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Aug 03, 08

bookshelves: fiction, mature
Read in August, 2008

Amada's Young Men is a book about the erotic romps of a freshly widowed middle-aged woman, taking her pick of beautiful young things who work for her shoe shop chain.

Young yummy men and shoes - what could be better? Well, a less mundane plot could have helped. Is the protagonist's shoe chain going to sink or swim? This dilemma is pretty much all the plot there is, and concludes without building much tension to start with. Then, there is the idle, half-forgotten question of who was with Amanda's husband the night he died? Amanda only asks two people if they know who did it before she stumbles on the answer by accident in the midst of one romp.

The only fault I can find with the sex scenes is the quantity of them. Yes, Amanda has lost her husband and not gotten any in a month. Yes, she had to make do with wanking when the husband was at work. Yes, her eyes have been opened to the many possibilities of getting it on with young studs. But really? A few of the scenes should have been left so the words could have made the characters more 3D. There is very little emotion in the book, excepting for lust. At the end, Amanda does feel sadness, but it is the sulky sadness of a petulant child.

Amanda herself is a very Mary-Sue character. Never does she feel uneasy about being rejected due to her age, pangs of doubt about what she is doing or actual fear of what would happen is the shoe chain did go bust. She is a trophy wife who has the smarts to run a massive business. She is a 'switch' (alternately a domme and sub) and pain slut. She is a 'love catalyst' who makes everyone around her hotter. *sigh*

But she does have good sex - and not just with young men. Amanda has three young men, one a few years younger and two women. Quite the harem.

Overall, the book was amusing and nice light read, if not particularly fast flowing or the most stimulating. It really could have done with some emotions to build on the tensions. A good twist as well, towards the end.

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