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The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
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Feb 29, 2012

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The vampires are very bad in this one. Yes, there could have been more detail about who/what/how, but what was there had me interested, just not necessarily scared. Think armpits. Think elbows. Think drool. Yes, the hanging from the ceiling and being faster/stronger than normal bits were creepy; yes, the blood lust and uncontrollable urge to rip through flesh brought back scary vamps, but... armpits, people!

And the start of the book showed so much promise too. Gene, going in detail as to what he had to do day in day out was especially interesting… until it wasn’t anymore. The details into what had been previously given need not have been gone over time and time again, me thought. Yes, they drool, they drool, they drool. I got it.

But his life is sad. His life is scary. And I wondered, was it really possible? Frankly, the logistics of it all boggled me especially, considering later revelations in the book about certain someone’s. Revelations that I saw coming but had hoped would not come to pass. I had such high hopes for that certain someone too! (view spoiler)

Now with a beginning that was very good, the same had me thinking it would be slightly more epic than a romance, a la Warm Bodies. Sure, it wasn’t that much of a romance much. I considered it at first… was even hoping that such would be the case. But damn that ending and damn that confusing progression because the HUNT had me; then it lost me somewhere around the third time he describes stuff.

Here’s what I wish: that more time had been spent on him with them and less time on him with her or of him thinking of her. More on him with them- them, the vampires or them, the hepers. Whenever the vamps showed up, I always thought something more interesting was to follow. There was such tension with them interacting. But it was him and the hepers that pissed me off… arrogant much? I know that that was the point, for him to think himself different and above them, but a little more thought on his part would have done wonders for my opinion of him.

A good start, an interesting ending, but a middle that was , IMO... egh.

Thank you Netgalley!

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message 1: by Carina (new) - added it

Carina *sigh*
And I had such high hopes for this one.

Aly (Fantasy4eva) wow. pretty much named everything that i didn't like. urgh. don't even get me started on that drool shit.

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