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Return to Eden by G.P. Ching
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Apr 25, 2012

Read from April 17 to 19, 2012

What an intense journey! After THE SOULKEEPERS established the backdrop for this intense series, and WEAVING DESTINY kept the momentum going, RETURN TO EDEN is the dynamic showdown between Good and Evil.

WEAVING DESTINY is a busy book. God's Army on Earth is preparing for battle, gathering up their forces, making their plans to defeat Lucifer. This book centers more on Abigail Silva, fallen angel who is now a Watcher. She is on the edge, and no one truly knows which side she'll fall on. Abigail has spent countless years trying to earn her way back into God's grace. The love between Abigail and Gideon is timeless, likely her only reason to hang on to the good inside her. I've always had a bit of a problem with Abigail, never trusted her. With this book, I learned to know her much better, but never knew where her loyalty truly lay until the very end of the book.

Jacob and Malini, the center of the first two books in the series, are in a great place. They're still engaged in the fight against Lucifer, but their devotion to one another is clear. It's wonderful to see them at such ease. And even though enjoy Jacob and Malini, my favorite couple was by far, Henry and Mara. Oh, man. They are a truly swoon-worthy couple. At one point I did feel their relationship was a bit rushed, but with the devil breathing down their backs, who am I to judge.
My single favorite, though, was Mara. She's strong, yet vulnerable. Trusting, yet wary. Seeing her fall in love with Henry was so sweet. And what a mouth! Her lines are truly the best:

"Mara flipped him the finger. 'Suck it, Satan. Times have changed. Things are 'bout to get real tedious for you.' "

If you're not a big fan of religiously heavy books, this may not be the book for you. I don't normally lean towards this type, but Ching's writing is so gorgeous. I noticed this when I read THE SOULKEEPERS, and she's managed to continue throughout the series. Her ability, to add tiny details that you wouldn't miss if they weren't there, but make you think "wow!" as you read her words, is second to none.

RETURN TO EDEN is a lovely ending to such a meaningful series.

Favorite Quote:

"Silence wedged itself between them, but it wasn't there because there was nothing left to say. The words that waited in the corners had sharp edges. Words like that could do permanent damage if flung too hard at the one you loved." (ebook, 4%)

"Lifting on her tiptoes, she met his lips with hers. It felt just as good as the night before. A walk in the moonlight. The flutter of raven wings. Dark water on a cold night. Thoughts that should have scared her filled her with wanting, a blazing fire beneath her sternum." (ebook, 14%)


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