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The Help by Kathryn Stockett
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Mar 01, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: classism, ebook, fiction, historical-fiction, race-racism, politics, writing
Read from February 29 to March 01, 2012

This book was all over the place. It felt jumbled and disorganized and uncomfortable.

There are many reviews that say, far better than I could, exactly what went wrong with the book. One of the best said something to the effect that this is an important story, but it's not Stockett's story to tell. I was uncomfortable all the way through the book knowing it was Skeeter's/Stockett's voice I was really hearing when Aibileen or Minny was supposedly speaking.

I know most people seem to love this book but I found it plodding. I kept asking myself, "why'd she put that in there?" Why Stuart, why Celia? How could she really forget the red satchel? How could she not see what a dangerous game she was playing?

I feel rather fractious for dumping on a book so many people truly loved, but I found myself thinking, so many times while reading it, that it just felt wrong.

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Sundy Laurie - post a review, will you? I'd like to get your thoughts on this book.

Laurie Sundy wrote: "Laurie - post a review, will you? I'd like to get your thoughts on this book."

Well, I did, but you might find it contentious :)

Sundy I didn't find fault with the writing, and in fact read it with enjoyment -- until the discomfort began to set in: discomfort with, as you mention, another book about race issues where the White person is represented as 'the one who saves.' Given that it was written and published NOW, it certainly should have been Abilene's story or Minny's--except it would have been a much different story and might now have appealed to the audience that adores it now.

Laurie I've enjoyed reading it, sort of, but not for the style, more for the plot. But even the plot started wearing on me.

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