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Gods of Night by David Mack
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Feb 29, 2012

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This is, in general, a well-written Star Trek novel. I've never been fond of the cliffhanger ending style, even if the story IS too long to fit between two covers; I much prefer that each individual book in a continued story have its own internal plot conflict that is resolved at the end of the book, even if the overall megaplot continues into the next book. So to my way of thinking, that cost it a star; if you don't mind "come back next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel" stories, consider this a four-star review.

My other quibble with the story is also one that some people might consider a feature rather than a bug; while I don't mind some crossover between, say, Next Generation and DS9 storis, I'd really like to have a book be set in one series or the other, and know who the main characters are and who the "guest stars" are. This book does not follow that pattern; it is set post-Nemesis, post anything that I've read in the DS9 universe, and well into the "Titan" series, and it features Picard's Enterprise (I think still the Enterprise E, but I can't say with certainty) AND a ship captained by Ezri Dax (which should give some idea of how far along the timeline it is) AND the Titan Captained by Riker, well along the timeline for that series. This last is my biggest complaint, because I've only read the first book of that series, and would have preferred not to skip ahead so far, but I didn't know that that would be the case until I was well into the book. The cover had Ezri Dax, so I'd expected a predominantly DS9 story, and was somewhat unsettled to find that this wasn't at all the case, and that I was missing quite a bit of history in the DS9 timeline, too. But as I say, I realize that some readers will be absolutely delighted to have their Star Trek universe so well integrated, and if they've read all of the previous material that this story is based on, they will be in better shape to appreciate this story than I am. So if you fall into that category, again, call this a four-star review, maybe even a five if you actually LIKE the idea. And certainly, if you both like the integrated storyline idea, AND like or at least tolerate cliffhanger endings, it's definitely a five-star review.

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