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Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine
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Feb 29, 2012

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message 1: by Morgan (new) - added it

Morgan check it out at a library when it comes out thats what i started doing!

message 2: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija My library is really small and they don't buy most books. It doesn't have any of the books from the Morganville Vampire series, I doubt they'll have this one when it comes out.

message 3: by Morgan (new) - added it

Morgan can you put things on hold and get them transferred from a library near by? like my library is connected to a bunch of other librarys in other towns and if they dont have to book here i can put it on hold and they get it from a different library... if not use amazon and buy used i do that to it cheaper than buying it new..

message 4: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija Yeah, there's lots of ways to get books cheaper, and I don't mind it as long as I like the books, but now I'm concerned about the space on my bookshelves. :D

message 5: by Morgan (new) - added it

Morgan I was having that issue too i bought a new book shelve and it filled up right away so i built it half of my closet shelves from the floor to the ceiling so now my closets a mini library

message 6: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija Cool. To bad I don't have a closet like that.

message 7: by Rachelle (new) - added it

Rachelle Knapp I'm loving it! I hope the books go on forever!!

message 8: by Lorrie (new) - added it

Lorrie No. You have not spent enough money. Must...buy....more ;)

message 9: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha actually they're going to be 15 altogether! :)

message 10: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija Aishah wrote: "actually they're going to be 15 altogether! :)"

O.O WHAT?!?!

My poor, poor purse. She's crying hysterically already.

message 11: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha haha..oh well it'll be worth it..if your skint you can always borrow it instead!

message 12: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija From who? None of my friends read. They think it's boring.

message 13: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha Library?

message 14: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija If you would only make the effort to read what I've said above...

message 15: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha They always allow recommendations or they can import from other libraries for you. They do that at mine if they don't have a bok that I want in stock.

message 16: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija I know, but the librarians don't like me. Long, long story. It's unlikely they'll do it. They'll say they forgot, or make up other excuses. It has happened before. I had to get my sister to do stuff for me, but then they found out that it's because of me and stopped doing that too. Now I buy all of my books, and I actually prefer it this way.

message 17: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha Have a different library close by?

message 18: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija No. I live in a relatively small town and there's only one - the main central library.

message 19: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha Well Amazon isn't really expensive plus The Works will ahve them in stock but they have said it will bee atleast two months after publication.

message 20: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija We can go on and on about this. I know there are ways to get books cheaper - Amazon, the book depository etc. etc. I know that. But I'll still be spending money. I think that fifteen books might be a little too long for a series when she can easily fit everything in ten books. That's all I'm saying.

message 21: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha The Works? I find it better spead over different books because there are differnt focuses and storylines that cramming a lot into one book would just spoil it.

message 22: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija Everybody has different opinions. I've already said mine.

message 23: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha No i'm just saying 'The Works' have them quite cheap you should have a look...much cheaqper than amzon, waterstones and the book depository.

message 24: by Emilija (last edited Apr 04, 2012 04:49AM) (new) - added it

Emilija I personally only buy cookbooks from that store, never really did look at any other books. I'll have a look around next time.

message 25: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha You should they're really cheap. Saves you a lot of money :)

message 26: by Aiysha (new) - added it

Aiysha I still haven't read it yet! Will be getting my copy soon though and it'll be signed!! :)

Lauri Is the series not worth 10bucks every six months .... I believe it is

Claire Well if you dont want people suggesting cheaper ways of getting it; perfectly viable ways; the works is only £1.99 for heavens sake then stop whining about it. You shouldnt be so rude to people who are just trying to be helpful. And you dont have to ask the librarian to get books from other libraries, you use the computer catalogue system to do it yourself, costs nothing.

message 29: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija How the hell was I being rude by only explaining my situation?
Oh, and I love the fact that you read all of the comments. Shows what you like to do in your time.

Claire Emilija wrote: "How the hell was I being rude by only explaining my situation?
Oh, and I love the fact that you read all of the comments. Shows what you like to do in your time."

You were really short with everyone. You were the one who started complaining, when people do that, others generally think you want solutions. I don't read all the comments I was just unfortunate enough to click on yours and irritated enough with stroppy, rude people in general to add my own opinion. My time is my own to do with as I please and I obviously have better things to do with it than you. Love the way you post on forums JUST to whinge about a series being too long and not having enough money but dont ACTUALLY want any suggestions. Lol shows how exciting your life is.

As you so rightly said before, everybody has their opinions; I've said mine.

message 31: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija I love how you just assume what kind of life I have. Mmmm yeah, the life of a student at university has got to be boring as hell right?
You're right, I don't want any suggestions because I know them myself. Did I ask for suggestions? Did I? I don't think I did.

Claire Just like you just did to me. Nice isn't it, having people make assumptions about your life without knowing you? Actually I found Uni pretty stressful, wouldn't call it boring. What are you studying?

Then perhaps you could have avoided offending people by putting it a little more politely. I don't see the point of being so confrontational over the internet. Its not like any of us know each other so why not be courteous, say thanks and accept that they were just trying to help? How is anyone on here to know that you know already or have ever set foot in a library or The Works. Plenty of people your age haven't.

message 33: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija I've said in one of the comments above that I only buy cookbooks from The Works and I've never even considered buying other books, because I didn't know they sell YA at all.

I love uni purely because it's stressful. I'm the kind of person who thrives off of the pressure and deadlines and stuff. I'm studying Hospitality and Hotel Management. You kinda have to love working under pressure if you want to work in the hospitality industry.

Claire You did. After already abruptly dismissing her suggestion in a previous comment.

Yeah I suppose you do. I studied IT, wouldn't be able to deal with the customer side of things in Hotel Management though. As I'm sure you can tell, I wouldn't have the patience! lol

Mel (who is deeply in love with herself) Please, Claire, let it go. Maybe you're a little too sensitive for a social networking site. I don't mean that in a harsh, insulting way.

Emilija is just trying to explain where her complaints are stemming from. If she didn't explain and elaborate, people would get annoyed because they'd think she was randomly blowing off their suggestions. Clearly she has her reasons.

Please let it go.

Claire Not sensitive, I just have no tolerance for people being unnecessarily rude.

And that annoyance is what I was attempting to communicate.

It has already been let go, which is why we are now discussing Uni.

message 37: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija I think that patience can be developed. That is if you want to because generaly I'm a very impatient person but I've learnt how to be patient by reading books actually.

Claire Emilija wrote: "I think that patience can be developed. That is if you want to because generaly I'm a very impatient person but I've learnt how to be patient by reading books actually."

Lol you kind of have to, what with waiting a year for new books to come out. Especially with those blasted cliffhangers!

message 39: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija Oh those are the worst!! I hate cliffhangers more than I hate going to the dentist. Seriously.

Claire To be fair Rachel Caine isnt TOO bad with the cliffies. And we only have to wait six months. Charlaine flaming Harris must be some kind of sadist, I swear she plans the most agonising moment to end a book.

message 41: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija I agree, the cliffhangers in these books aren't too bad because most of the time they end with stuff that's been happening in the book resolved but just with a new problem that arose on the very last page.

And I have never read any of Charlaine Flaming Harris books. I'll have to see what she's written.

Claire LOL Charlaine Harris wrote the True Blood books. Not to everyones tastes but she does have a flair for cliffies.

I'll recommend you a couple if you like

message 43: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija Yeah definitely. I always like to see what other people like even if I don't end up liking it. Then I spend ages trying to figure out what they like about certain things. It's fun.

Claire Lol I do that too! DO you ever just pick a random person from the comments page and compare books just to see?

message 45: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija I do that all the time! Lol, I find it fun, especially when I stumble upon someone who reads mostly the classics, so I just compare books and then sit here like O_O

Claire Or you will spend hours googling "books like ___" and then compare with someone and find about 4 in their shelves. I'm into the whole Faery thing right now, Damn you Carrie Jones!, and I actually found a couple of new ones to read last night. My library, naturally doesn't have any of them so I'll have to wait for the request form to clear before they buy them :(

message 47: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija I'm kind of over the paranormal now. Maybe. I don't know. It's all to same same. I'm trying to read some crime & thriller. Know any good ones?

Claire I used to like the Lawless and Tilley books when I had my crime and thriller phase. Probably because I was a major X Files addict and they had that sort of Mulder and Scully thing going on.

I still like the paranormal but its getting harder and harder to find good ones that aren't the same old story you just read.

message 49: by Emilija (new) - added it

Emilija Right? It's so incredibly hard to find a good paranormal book nowadays.

I'll have to check out The Lawless and Tilley books. The title sounds incredible.

Claire There's 7 of them by Malcolm Rose. Yeah they were good. Might have to reread them now lol.

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