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Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole
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Feb 29, 12

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bookshelves: paranormal-romance
Read in February, 2012

It might be worth reading for the first half - sympathetic characters, sensual and caring scenes. The second half was lacking.

A group of humans called the Order has captured many types of immortals. They put collars on the prisoners which prevents them from using their powers. They are kept in a prison compound on a cloaked island which cannot be seen by others - magic or not. Declan Chase is in charge of the prison compound. Ruby is seven years old. Her mother was recently killed, and her cousin Carrow promised to take care of Ruby and adopt her. Carrow and Ruby are witches and prisoners. Chase wants Carrow to travel to a hell plane and bring back Slaine. If she refuses, Chase will kill Ruby. So Carrow goes to Slaine’s plane.

Slaine is a demon who was bit by a vampire and now is part vampire. They call him a vemon. When Slaine was a little boy, his mother sold him to a vampire to be used for blood and sex with males. Slaine has never had sex with a female. When he sees Carrow, his vampire nature becomes blooded. (His heart starts beating again.) She is his mate. He desires her, but he doesn’t know what to do. He does not speak English. She does not speak demon.

I enjoyed several parts in the first half. Carrow drops her ring into a fire. Slaine burns his hand getting it out for her. Then she lovingly touches his burned hand. He has never been touched with care like that before. He likes it so much that he places his other hand in the fire, just so she will touch it too.

Slaine fears being in water, but Carrow wants him to bathe. So she gets naked and washes herself to show him. Then she urges him in. He is frightened, but he goes into the water just to be able to touch her. This turns into a very sensual and sexy bath scene - washing each other.

I enjoyed the character Slaine during the first half. He was so drawn to her and willing to do anything to be with her or to touch her. Yet he had fears and trust issues.

The conflicts between the couple during the second half were too predictable and too typical. Some of the second half felt like filler to lengthen the book. There wasn’t enough interesting plot development. Because of the collar, Carrow can’t use her magic. I guess that’s ok, but one of the draws of paranormal romance is seeing magic in action. There’s a little magic, but not much.

One of my problems with romance novels is the author using vague communication between the couple to create conflict. Well, I felt like the author was outsmarting me on this. The couple can’t communicate because they don’t speak the same language. So that lends itself to conflicts and inaccurate assumptions between them. But it felt a little empty. It was ok, but I think I’d prefer something different.

There are several references to torture and rape. They are not shown in detail, but they are told, and that may bother some readers.

The ending was sweet and nice. It felt good.

Story length: 430 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 9. Total number of sex scene pages: 44. Setting: present day demon plane of existence, an island, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Copyright: 2010. Genre: paranormal romance.

The author has more than a dozen books in this series “Immortals After Dark.” My favorite is “A Hunger Like No Other.” I also liked “If You Deceive” from the MacCarrick Brothers series.
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