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Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites by Chris Heimerdinger
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Feb 28, 12

Read in January, 2012

Tennis shoes is a great book I am one of those people who cant get into alot of books but this one was easy. Jamie Hawkins is just a little boy who does stupid boy stuff he was only 12 and he drank and partied and did bad stuff. He was in a group of boys called the vikings, they were the bullies in school. This one boy they bullied his name was garth plimton he was a skinny freckled little boy with red hair. One day Jamie got in huge trouble and couldnt hang out with his friends but he saw them in the side of the school with a beer bottle he thought he could redeem himselve if he drank it so he drank it all and threw up on his dads car. He couldnt ever hang out with them again. One sunday for church he had to go home teaching with his dad they ended up goingw to Garth Plimptons house. When they were done Garth asked Jamie if he wanted to see something that no one has seen but him he was confused but said ok. Thye went into his room and Garth showed him acient pictures of a drawing on a rock that no one has seen so they set out for jorney to see it the next day. The next day they went out and looked at the drawing. It showed white men rying to find a room of rainbows. So he asked his dad about the room and they said it was a room full of all colors and gold so Garth and him set out to find it they started at the frost cave theyy finally found it then they went in it and fell into the river next thing they new they were in an acient land with the nephites.

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