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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
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Aug 05, 2008

did not like it
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Read in August, 2008

** spoiler alert ** All I can say is, "What a disappointment." Everything about this book was such a huge disappointment to me, from the plot to the organization to the writing itself. As I've said before, I don't think Stephenie Meyer is an amazing writer, but at least the first three in the series were entertaining. This book was just plain dull. Nothing ever happened. I should have known this book was going to be boring when Bella and Edward got married in Chapter 3. What was even left to look forward to after that? (Not that I was looking forward to that, because I liked Jacob better, but he's too good for Bella anyway...) Every once in awhile, something exciting would happen, like Bella finding out she was pregnant, Bella giving birth to her monster baby, etc. But for the most part this book was just people standing around talking (or not talking, reading each other's minds, whatever) and agonizing about what they were going to do. Now, I'm not a particularly violent person, but I do like a little action. There is no action in this book. Even when the Volturi show up at the very end, after all the agonizing and plotting and planning that the Cullens and Company do, nothing happens. Bella just launches her dumb shield and everyone is safe. Bo-ring. It feels like Meyer was afraid to take any risks with this book. She couldn't stand to see anyone die. Well, I guess Irina died, but who cares? I would have liked to see her kill off at least one or two of the Cullens. It could have even been Rosalie, the one who no one likes anyway. But she just seemed so hell-bent on preserving every single last one of her pathetic characters. At least JK Rowling was willing to kill a few people off in the last Harry Potter.

I also hate what she did with Jacob. Making him imprint on Edward and Bella's daughter??? That is THE dumbest thing ever. I just about had to stop reading the book right there, but I just kept hoping Jacob would turn around and say "Psych!" or something. So dumb. Hated that part. If Jacob wasn't going to get Bella, the least Meyer could have done was trot in some new hottie (of his own age) for Jacob to imprint on. I would have even been okay with him hooking it up with Leah, even though Leah bothered me. But no... Before I started the book I was all nervous that Meyer was going to kill Jacob off. (Of course, at that point I didn't realize that she didn't have the guts to kill any of the core characters.) But now I'd almost rather she killed him off. Now poor Jacob is stuck with Bella and Edward and the rest of the Cullens for the rest of his life. Ick.

I also agree with other reviewers who hate the fact that Bella pretty much gets everything she wants. There is no conflict for Bella in this book. Throughout the whole series, Bella's choice to become a vampire is made out to be this big deal because she'll be giving up all of these things, like she won't be able to have children (which she never seemed to want anyway) and she won't be able to see Renee or Charlie, she won't be able to control her insatiable thirst for human blood, etc. Well, in this book, she gets to have Renesmee (worst name EVER) and she gets to see Charlie all the time. Since she has such amazing self-control right off the bat, she doesn't even have to worry about attacking her father or her half-human daughter and sucking their blood dry. I personally thought it would have been great to see Bella go crazy attacking people left and right trying to kill them, so that the Cullens had to lock her up. The less I see of Bella, the happier I am. I also got sick of hearing how great Bella was at everything, once she was a vampire. She's like the best vampire ever created. *Snore*

Besides that, this book is just badly written. Besides the many typos, it just feels rushed, like Meyer had all of these ideas and she just had to mash them all in there. And yet the book STILL ended up being boring. Ugh.

I'm just going to pretend this book doesn't exist. This series ended with Eclipse, as far as I'm concerned.
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Sariah I think you should read this -

Natz I agree with some of these things, but not all. For example, Stephanie Meyer kind of explains why she made Jake imprint on Bella's daughter. It was because Bella wanted Jake as part of her family. She says so herself. I think that Stephanie Meyer wanted this to happen, but she did it in her own way. ANd everyone in the book was happy, so who cares? But I am a little upset that Jacob and Bella didn't end up together. They were much better for each other. Bella was just too stubborn to admit it. :-Þ

However, I will agree with you on one thing. I would have like this book better if Bella was not as self controlled. It would have been cooler if she had had more problems. Not as boring. And as far as * I * am concerned, the series only had three books- New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Too much staring in the first book. Not enough action.

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