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Another Jekyll, Another Hyde by Daniel Nayeri
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Feb 28, 2012

it was amazing
Read from April 20 to 23, 2012

!!!!!!!!! This last book is a lot better and more bad-ass then the rest of the last two! Or maybe because I love The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde so much! When I find out that it is the last book, I was devastated. But I glad that I read it because it had the best and scary adventure. The story is so beautiful and mystery written that I just want to jump in! I might think of buying this book if I have a chance.
It had been almost a year since Thomas had been dump by his ex, Belle. Even worse, his father married the governess Madame Vileroy. Thomas knows that his new stepmother is evil ever since what had happened to him last year when he was dating Vileroy’s orphan daughter Belle...who had suddenly disappear. As Thomas go to a club on the night of his father’s wedding, he met a girl who give him pill called W. This is what Thomas wants, a drug to take away his suffering. Day passed, Thomas was informed by his stepmother that she have a son named Edward Hyde, Thomas’s new stepbrother. But Edward is nowhere in sight and Thomas begun to hear voice in his head: a voice that belong to Edward. Soon, Thomas realized that what his stepmother is evil, and it killing him. Thomas must think fast and destroy the demon’s plan before her son had take over his body and his soul.
I love, love, love the story so much! Haha and I love Edward Hyde: “Dear Thomas...I’m not going anywhere. It’s you and me forever, bitch... Your pissed-off friend, Edward Hyde.” Haha. My ass was glued in the seat for 2 hours and I just get it out of my head. Thomas is a amazing character in the story then the last one I read. Because it only about him and only him... fighting a hard battle with his brother. I love the ending and I’m so glad that bitch deserves what she did.

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