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Brain Jack by Brian Falkner
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Feb 28, 2012

really liked it

The book I read was Brain Jack by Brian Falkner. It follows the events of a mischievous hacker named Sam Wilson. It is a normal sized novel, 349 pages. No sequels have been made as of February 27th, 2012. This was a surprisingly good book.
There are a variety of characters, but some characters had no description. For example Sam’s friend Fargas is present in the beginning of the story, but he isn’t described that well and he is forgotten in the middle of the book. The main characters were well developed, and they had many different personalities. Some characters treated Sam as the new guy when he joined the CDD, and they didn’t trust him with important tasks. They were well developed; another example would be during the beginning of the story when Sam was unaware of the dangers of Neuro Headsets. He started to witness the effects throughout the story and realized they aren’t as safe as they are made out to be. Sam and the other main characters evolved in some way throughout the book.
The plot was realistic for the story. It is not known exactly when it takes place however it is hinted to be somewhere in the near future. The plot built up at a good pace. It started to get a good twist towards the middle of the book when Sam is at the CDD. I found myself wanting to read more especially at the middle. It went a little fast at parts, but these were minimal.
The author did a good job with the writing. Even though some characters were left in the dark, he did a pretty good description of the environments. Technical terms in the writing for example USB3, Blu Ray, Neuro Headsets, were simple and didn’t go too much in depth. Some parts of the book were slow; the beginning would be an example. The dialog was laid out well, but some parts were dry.
The book was fictional, but some things could be applied to real life. This book was based on Neuro Technology. The story revolves on it turning out to be dangerous, people were basically surrendering their minds when they put on the Neuro Headset, this allowed anyone to “access” their brain and even “delete” it.
Overall I thought this was a good book. It was dry at times, but it got really good at the end. If you like science fiction I would recommend this book to you.

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