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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
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** spoiler alert ** The only reason I kept reading this book is because I thought Sebastian/Jonathan kicked all the ass and is quite possibly, to date, one of my favourite villains. I was kind of hoping that he would succeed and kill both Clary and Jace (or at least one of them), just so I could get rid of the annoying, and drawn out soap opera between them. And because I find them more irritating than Bella and Edward during a bad break-up.

Isabelle still kicks ass and I wish she were my friend. Magnus and Alec still have the most AH-dorable relationship. Clary got more Sue, Jace got more wangsty, and I considered gauging my eyes out when they began making out (again). I know you're not brother and sister (let's be honest, it wasn't a shocker when we found out they weren't), but you still think you are. So Jace honey, if you have a problem with incest... THEN STOP HITTING UP YOUR 'SISTER' EVERYTIME YOU'RE ALONE. I have little sympathy for problems that are self-inflicted.

Oh, and I called the mirror was the lake the first time it was even brought up. In the first 50 pages. So it was extremely aggravating to have to watch the Shadowhunters wandering around for 500 more pages saying, "WHERE COULD THIS ELUSIVE MIRROR BE?" You've been searching for this mirror for centuries and cannot find it. It was mentioned once, and I figured out where it was. This is not helping me gain respect for any of these characters.

Mind you, it does explain why an idiot like Clary manages to wield so much power over the entire group.

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Clare Kyra, this is not the best baddie ever.... THE best baddie HAS to me Mal'akh from Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. He is the best villain ever!!!!!!

Kyra AHH! I forgot about him (which probably isn't good on him). I remember liking him, but come on- everyone is so annoying in this book (coughClaryJacecough) and Sebastian/Jonathan is just SUCH an ass. It makes me feel all happy inside when he ruins other people's lives.

Clare Tell you what.... I'll re-read this one, you re-read Lost Symbol and we'll hash it out. Last one standing wins!!!

Kyra Just keep in mind while reading: Imagine how sweet the world would be is Jonathan had killed/mortally wounded either (or both) Clary and Jace. So sweet. Like Brisk Ice Tea with extra sugar kinda sweet.

Clare And you keep in mind that last act of Mal'akh. Where he is in the room about to do his last tattoo... oh that is so evil.... worse than Gargamel evil. I'm talking nasty of all nasty. He's sooooo very bad.

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