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The Host by Stephenie Meyer
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Feb 28, 12

bookshelves: sci-fi, young-adult, fiction

The worms have taken over the Earth. It wasn't a loud invasion. There
was just a subtle shift. People started behaving...nicely...toward each
other. The news reports were bland. Wars stopped. A few humans figured
out what was going on and ran before they could be caught. Before an
insertion was performed. Hid out in deserted areas and scavenged for
food. Melanie is one of the hidden. She and her brother Jamie hide for
years before running into another human, Jared. Then Melanie sees her cousin on TV
while they're raiding a house for food. Thinking her cousin might still
be human, Melanie goes to the city to find her. That's when she's
caught and an insertion is performed. Melanie is relegated to the back
while Wanderer takes over her body. Melanie can only sit in Wanderer's
mind and talk to her, which is more than most humans can do after an
insertion. Melanie sends Wanderer memories of her life, her brother,
and Jared. And, eventually, Wanderer realizes that it's not only
Melanie in love with Jared, Melanie's body remembers that love. Between
the voice in her head and the body she's wearing, Wanderer has fallen
in love with Jared, too. Melanie and Wanderer begin to work together to
escape the Seeker who stalks them by finding the hiding place Melanie
is sure Jared and Jamie have retreated to. Will they escape the Seeker,
or lead her straight to the hideout? Will Jared know Melanie, or will
he see only the parasite that took over her body? Will true love win in
the end?

The Host is an amazing sci-fi story of love and
humanity. It is very different from Meyer's other published titles, but
it pulls the reader in just like her popular vampire series (Twilight, etc.). I was leery at first, but in the end I really enjoyed The Host and hope for more from this author.

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