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Ruined by Kinley Baker
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Apr 15, 2012

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Kinley Baker is a new author and Ruined is a wonderful first book. It is a book about nations that have escaped the greed and envy and mistrust of other dimensions to find a peaceable way to survive. It is about wanting what you can’t have. Forbidden love and uncontrollable greed. It is very difficult to write a story that so many are trying to write. To come up with a new slant. World building as I have often said is a difficult task. And yet Ms Baker does a wonderful job.

Ruined is about a girl.. just your everyday girl, who happens to be the premier healer and great friend to the king. And well totally infatuated with the King’s younger brother. And a boy, one of the best warrior in the realm. Dedicated to serving the king, not being the king. Until, the unthinkable happens..

Vane, the Warrior Prince, he does not want the throne. He wants to be free to do what he does best. And yet with the death of his brother the crown is thrust upon him. He is instantly immersed into a corrupt council that is split. A council that is willing to watch him fail, would prefer to see him loose it all. A few stand on his side but even those are lost to his own demons. He finds he is besotted by his premier healer but refused to acknowledge it as he sees her as his brother’s former mistress. He has had to take the crown he doesn’t have to take the “first mistress”.

Jessa is not only the premier healer of her day but maybe ever, she has been friends with the king since the beginning of her term. Neither ever saw it as more than friends but were willing to allow gossip to claim them as lovers. Knowing what was true it never mattered. Until the unthinkable.. With Vane being King and ready to turn her aside just because he wants her.. but doesn’t trust her. Jessa is devastated.. but she is strong and a survivor.

As the story grows, Vane and Jessa are thrust together and grow in friendship and in love.. Of course their love is forbidden by ancient scrolls and they must abandon it. Vane is willing to work with it but the council insists that he can not marry a healer and he MUST marry and produce a child within a year of the coronation or lose all..

As Jessa and Vane try and work through their grief, convictions and love.. there are those who would destroy the crown at any price. A betrayed fiance.. an evil father, a rejected suitor and a corrupt council member..
Then of course the corruption grows as the other nations of the realm find that they too have traitors amidst them.

Ms Baker writes with a delicate hand, penning her characters with insidious evil, pure integrity and arrogant males.. Each of her characters has a place within the story and as each individual story grows, Ms Baker blends them together like a master baker..

I am ever so patiently (ok, so I am tapping my foot and drumming my fingers) waiting for the next rendition to her series..


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