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Such a Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb
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Mar 02, 12

it was ok
Read in February, 2012

Every single one of the people in this book is either completely stereotypical, or was put together using a series of synonyms. Except maybe Jake, who I don't know enough about. But he's probably perfect.

I can't even say that they're sassy, controlling, or goodnatured. No, they're "sassy" to the nth degree, down to their clothes. They're so "controlling" nothing gets done without their input. They're so "sweet" they cry because their imaginations run wild and they can't help but feel bad at the very thought that someone they love MIGHT get hurt. It's like they were each built with a thesaurus in mind, but can only display one trait.

For the most part the relationships are unbelievable and as over-the-top as the characters in them are, but i can't help but keep on reading. It's certainly a colorful story, with colorful (if one-dimensional) characters. And honestly I rather enjoy Stevie's insane awkwardness around her love interest/neighbor. I can relate :)

I guess I'll keep reading.

(edited to add... books that make me cry, which this one just about did, should have lots of stars; books full of cardboard -- bedazzled, but cardboard all the same -- should get none. I wish I could "average" it out to a 2.5, but I'm gonna go with a 2. I would suggest this book only to those who like kinda over-the-topness who can suspend disbelief, etc. It reminded me a bit of the magical elements of Sarah Addison Allen, except that there weren't any. I mighta liked it better if there had been.)
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message 1: by Halle (new)

Halle LOL, your review makes me want to read this. I'm not sure what that says about me...

Shauna :) I was actually thinking about this review after I wrote it last night. Despite the flaws, I can't stop reading the book! There's a lot of pain in it, and the way the author writes about it brings tears to my eyes. Even if it is over the top. So I should maybe give it another star. And, I have to admit, the way Stevie (the main character) kept flinging herself into the dirt to avoid a man she has the hots for was pretty damn hilarious.

Not sure what it says about you either, but you might as well try it :) You can always put it down!

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