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Democracy 2.0 by Lance M. King
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Feb 28, 12

Read in February, 2012

Democracies last 200-300 years interspersed by long periods of tyranny. For democracy to work we must "return to correct principles" and embrace "systems thinking". Correct principles move us from dependence to independence to interdependence and freedom. If we surrender our freedom to the state we become enslaved. An example given was healthcare. The state forces us through taxation to pay into an inefficient state-controlled system denying us the freedom to choose a competitive health plan. Laws should be limited to no more than 200 at the national level and no more than 20 pages long and written in plain language. This would allow the typical citizen to understand the law and participate in meaningful reform etc.
"Systems thinking" means that we should view problems more holistically and understand that we must get the system more right rather than tinkering ad infinitum with the minutae. The author refers to Senge's 1990 book The Fifth Discipline as insightful in this systems approach.
In my view the author is over optimistic at how successful his proposals might be although they are a step in the right direction as he believes terrorism etc can be eliminated in a more level global playing field. I think not as there will always be those who do not embrace King's values [derived from a broadly Christian tradition] and will seek to advance their own. I do agree however than economic prosperity will reduce these problems. The author points out that the United Nations tends to produce dependence rather than mutual interdependence. His idea of a United Earth organisation that is not interventionist except in not trading with oppressive regimes is intruging.

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