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The Taking by Dean Koontz
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Feb 27, 2012

really liked it

‘The Taking’: a dark, stealthy invasion of the planet Earth by super advanced, soulless, extra terrestrials. Although, initially - as Molly (our main protagonist) and her husband, Neil, while trying to make their escape, lead us through a nightmarish landscape during a world-wide torrential downpour - no ET invasion force is in evidence; the author stimulates in your awareness, with the help of Molly’s extra sensory perceptions, the feeling that something dark, inexorable, and of apocalyptic proportions is taking place.

The tension is progressively tightened using various clever devices; just one of which is the last, live transmission from the orbiting international space station as the whole, terrifying first encounter occurs.

This is only the second of Dean Koontz books that I’ve read; however, along with what others have said about his work, it is plain to see that he is definitely establishing himself as one of today’s premier horror writers. Having said that however, there are a one or two things about his writing in general, which is more apparent in ‘The Taking’ than it was in my other encounter with his work, ‘Brother Odd’, and that is his excessive use of descriptive terms, sometimes in clusters. There is no denying that Dean Koontz is a wordsmith, and in my review of ‘Brother Odd’ I described his writing as lyrical; however, in ‘The Taking’ I sometimes find him a bit over the top: ‘the night was patterned with the pus trails of so many suppurating evils.’

To conclude I would just like to say that, although ‘Horror’ stories are not my usual fare, I found ‘The Taking’ to be a gripping plot with an interesting twist, and I’m sure that Dean Koontz fans, and in fact Horror enthusiasts everywhere, will thoroughly enjoy it. I’m giving it four stars.

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