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The Awakening by Michael Carroll
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Mar 16, 12

Read in February, 2012

The Awakening was an action packed adventure that was pure fun to read. I enjoyed this book emencely! This is a perfect science fiction book for young adults.

As a reader, I was captivated from the very first chapter. The book begins with normal people given a homework assignment about the disappearance of the superhumans ten years before. Who doesn't love super heros? Who wouldn't love to be a super hero? The boys in this book feel the same way as I do. Early in the book, questions arrise when Danny, one of Colin's friends, displays extrodinary speed in a heroic act. Colin doesn't question it at first, but he comes to the realization that Danny is superhuman! Danny only confirms this accusation; he is the son of Quantum, a superfast super hero from ten years ago. Colin of course has trouble sleeping that night in his jealousy, and suddenly begins to hear things he shouldn't. Things too far away from him to hear. While listening, he hears Danny and his father on their way to his house with a helecopter following them, hoping for a clean abduction. Colin alerts his parents and they try to escape. While avoiding their pursuers, Colin learns his parents were once superhumans too, Energy and the Titan. The villians from ten years ago have returned to take away Colin and Danny's powers just as they had their parents. The story follows the adventure of Colin and Danny as they try to hang on to the powers they've just begun to develop. We also learn why it is so important to Danny's father that their powers are taken away, since he had helped stage the entire kidnapping of his own son! I was mesmorized by the action-packed first adventure of Colin and Danny!

As a teacher, I see many opportunities for this book in the classroom. This book offers many opportunities to cross content areas. The book has science, physics, math, social studies, and much more. This book would be wonderful for analyzing plot progression. And who doesn't love a story about super heros? The book also poses questions of what is right and what is wrong that would make interesting discussion and could be used within a lesson and applied to current events. The only problem I forsee with this text is the numerous characters, but this also serves as a teaching opportunity because this would be a wonderful book to have students create a character wheel -- a wheel with all with all the characters, different colors for the superhumans, connections between the superhumans and their alias, and connections between the charaters. The unique thing about the characters is that whether they are good or evil is open to discussion. This would make an interesting discussion and/or debate. We could even put one of the 'villians' on trail and have a moch trail in the classroom for a class activity. This would have students drawing from the text and supporting their stance.

Overall, I loved this book and eagerly await the day that I have enough time to complete the series. The only problem with this book is the gripping ending that leaves soooo many questions unanswered. The book is obviously the first book in a series, but this is a good thing. Reading the first book in a series as a class would get students intrested in more reading and finishing the series -- a teachers goal!

Mary & Michelle

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