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Shadows by Paula Weston
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Jul 01, 2012

really liked it
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Read from June 13 to 15, 2012

Shadows is Australian author, Paula Weston's, debut novel and it's part of a series. Gaby Winters is eighteen years old and moved to Pandanus Beach, Queensland, nine months ago, after the death of her twin brother, Jude. She's been plagued by dreams involving killing hell-beats alongside a mysterious guy. But then the guy from her dreams shows up in town, his name is Rafa and he claims to have been Jude's best friend. Gaby's about to find out that her life as she knows it is now over.

I'm always really excited to read Aussie YA (you might even call this New Adult seeing as Gaby is eighteen and finished school) but I am also a bit hesitant when it comes to angel-themed books. I haven't read many but most of the ones I've read were disappointing (and some I'd count as the worst books I've ever read) so it pleases me to no end that I can say I thoroughly enjoyed Shadows and I was intrigued from the start.

Gaby's going through the motions in her new life. She found a place to live, got a job, goes running but she's just trying to escape the vision in her head, the one where she sees Tim die in the car beside her. Her memories are fuzzy but she remembers how close they were, how they'd taken off and had been travelling around the world and then his death. When Rafa shows up it's a shock but he can prove that he knew Jude which means he knew her too. Rafe knows who Gaby really is and he's sure she's acting but when he figures out that she's not, he knows that she's in danger because if he found her, others are sure to show up looking for her.

Gaby's had a tough time and I found myself warming to her more and more as her story unfolded. She's so wrapped up in her grief, she tries to shut out everyone including her friend and house mate, Maggie. She and Maggie bonded over their love of books (I loved the reference to The Book Thief) and Maggie got Gaby a job at the local library. She hasn't been interested in dating but when Rafa shows up their chemistry is intense and their interactions are always hot and often amusing, too. I admired her for not flipping out when she finds out that she used to have a completely different personality and she never goes rushing off into dangerous situations without thought. She's forgotten all her fighting skills but I never felt like she was helpless or looking for someone to save her, she was quite brave without being reckless.

Shadows is filled with mystery, I kept trying to guess what was going to happen or what the explanation would be and I'm pleased that it was never predictable. There was also plenty of action which were fast paced and intense. And I've mentioned the chemistry between Gaby and Rafa, this added a nice amount of romance to an already thrilling story.

I also loved the Australian setting, Paula included some gorgeous descriptions of Aussie flora and fauna and I could easily picture what must be a beautiful place to live, a town nestled between a beach and a rainforest.

Shadows ticks all the boxes when it comes to great paranormal stories and it is sure to please fans of paranormal YA fiction. It' released today and you can find it online or in local book stores.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Text Publishing for my review copy.

This review is part of the Australian Women Writers 2012 Reading and Writing Challenge.
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Shaheen o0o0o that looks cool, looking forward to your review!

Mands I think you'd like this, hun!

Braiden Oh sweet! Can leave this to hang until end of June. Try and get these other books I want to read first then :D

Mands Yes! I got all excited and read it and then realised it's only mid-June, ha!

Mands Sam - YAY!

Braiden I was also commenting in my review about the flora and fauna but scrubbed it out lol Great review M!

Mands I liked it, all the different trees and animals, made it sound so Aussie!

Braiden I know! Like the tree frogs and parrots, and then the trees when they go to the cabin thing. Liked it!

Maggie A character named Maggie who reads! Obviously I must read this. :) Great review, Mands.

Mands I think of you any time there's a Maggie in a book! You'll be able to get a copy from the US pub, right? If not, let me know and I'll include one with the books I owe you ;)

Shaheen I finished this last night - I totally started it at 10 and was still reading at 2! It's wonderful, thanks for the recommendation :D You were absolutely right - this is MY KIND OF BOOK!

Your review is awesome and has a lot of similar stuff to what I liked. Loving that Gaby wasn't instantly good at everything she tried, and that she didn't have all the answers inexplicably. Thought her decisions to trust a few people were suspect but hey, everyone has faults. LOOOVVEEE Rafa. When can I get the 2nd book so I can more about him? :p

Mands I am so glad you enjoyed it, Shaheen!!

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