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Stay With Me by Beverly Long
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Social worker Sarah Jane Tremont is burned out. She has just given her notice at her job and she doesn't have a new position lined up. She is walking on the beach in modern-times California when she is thrown back to 1888 Wyoming Territory.

'Sarah One' did a number on her husband and his brother. The husband is now dead and John Beckett, the brother, is angry. John and Sarah Jane meet when she stumbles upon him at his home. He thinks Sarah Jane is Sarah One and almost gives her the boot before the day is out.

There were highs and lows with this time travel romance. I thought Sarah Jane was level-headed even though I had a hard time understanding the issue of her needing to get back to 1990's California. Yes, she could still help someone there but so could others. She had no family to get back to and there were enough people with issues to solve during the old west.

Though John can't stand the person he believes is his deceased brother's wife, he falls in love with her quickly. I had a hard time connecting these two clashing personalities. They wanted each other, then they didn't.

There were several secondary stories with John's neighbor Fred, the woman he loved and his children. I was amazed that many of the other characters in this small town were so judgmental when they lacked good grace. The character 'Freedom' talking in the third person drove me nuts after awhile. OK, so I liked it and then I didn't, then I liked it and then I didn't. Wait a minute, I think the romance has rubbed off on me! It earned two stars for 'OK'.

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