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Alexander Outland by G.J. Koch
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Jun 22, 12

really liked it
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Read from March 21 to 29, 2012

Oh, I think I love Outland! :D

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Alexander pulls Sixty-Nine into Thurge for a magma order, but when he hears the voice and one of the women that has been brewing to see Nap again, he high-tales it out of there to Herion. But in his rush to avoid one trouble he comes barreling into another. Ships have been vanishing around Herion space along with weird occurrences. Alarms in Sixty-Nine go off, but nothing is on the screen. Nap works his flying magic to land on Herion. Now grounded Nap has several different groups after him; to help them, or to kill him. Nap is the first to land in a very long time, and people are desperate to hire him, and the Pirate Armada wants to kill him since he is the only captain who could out pilot them but won't take orders either. Alexander is not a hero, he's a pirate...with morals...okay, low, but some, but he needs to stop the Armada if he wants to keep smuggling and pirating without a huge fee. And try to win the girl too.

Right off the bat we learn Alexander Outland, Nap as his friends and the ladies call him, is quite popular with the ladies...good and bad ways. Alexander comes off as not always the smartest captain, but he always comes through! By the end of the book, I started to think it's all an act. People won't think you smarter than what you come across, so you can get away with many great things, and have fun at it.

There is a whole universe created! Yes, this is so much bigger than a world. Koch creates a universe! This is wild! The first six chapters are quick and fast moving, yet we see a large universe is here. I got the feel we are getting just a bare glimpse of it, and I look forward to future books to see more.

We are taken on a wild and fun ride with Nap and his crew. Just meeting them, and reading Naps responses to each is fun. And there is one he didn't even know about, until we get going in the book. Nap also seems to be a collector of lost souls, as he picks up a few extras along the way. All the characters have their own strong personalities, and abilities they bring to the story. No, they don't all get along, but they are wonderful to blend and clash together. Loved them all!

I loved Nap, so fun. Slinkie is who I want to be when I grow up! Okay, so I'm already grown up, and not a Slinkie, but I loved her! Loved Governor. Oh, he holds a secret all his own. And Randolph, so smart! A genius. And Audrey! Audrey... she is a special case. ;) And all the people we come across, just fun!

The story! It was fun! Thrilling! Adventurous! Nap and crew get into scraps and get out, barely. There are sexual innuendos through out the book, and comments. Like with Slinkie, about every time. But it's all in great fun, and I had to smile. Actually, this book had me smiling the whole time, and even rooting for Nap with Slinkie (even though I probably shouldn't have been). I loved the banter and the sexual tension Alexander puts into everything, a true man but fun. Then we have a few moments in not so...sanitary, places. lol. But it is all so funny!

I've read it, and absolutely loved it!

I loved this adventure and this crew! I CAN NOT WAIT for the next Alexander Outland book!!
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8.0% "lol. Alexander is a fun man, full of himself, but fun. Quick 6 chapters & great banter."
14.0% "Ha! I like the Govener! Neat!"
35.0% "I really link Nap! He's a good guy hidden under all that pirate man. lol. And potential new crew member? Yes!"
50.0% "Ha ha ha... Poor Alexander so close yet so far away. What a tease to him. ;D LOL!"
63.0% "Ha ha! Swiming through...crap. ;D I'm really loving this fun science fiction story! So much fun take on everything!"
79.0% "Oooo, Smart and sexy fun! This mystery is all coming together now."

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Luanne I loved this book. It was fun and adventure with great humor. It was a good package in this book.

Melissa Hayden Luanne wrote: "I loved this book. It was fun and adventure with great humor. It was a good package in this book."

Luanne you are so right! :) That's what I really enjoyed here too. And I like that Gini had me smiling through the whole read, never stopped. I do want to give her Alien series a try one day. :) Thank you!

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