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Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood
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May 27, 12

it was ok
Read from March 05 to April 19, 2012

Ok, a lot of people rate this book very high. Honestly, I don't have a clue why.

The plot was set good. I liked the idea of the story. But hell, it took 3/4 of the book to finally have some action. I hated the Brotherhood society and their view of a woman - this was horrible. I don't think myself as a feminist, but this was just too much. The woman should not be intelligent should not want to study, she just need to obey her husband and stupid shit like that. OMG I wanted to slap them all.

Ok, the witches are bad. The society is build on the fact that witches are bad and they should all be exterminated. So, Cate is a witch. Also her two sisters, Maura and Tess, are witches. And they are powerful. But they don't know that yet, because their mother died before she could teach them all about magic.

Then there is this prophecy. Saying that three sisters, witches, will be born before the end of the twentieth century and the one witch which will posses the power of mind controlling, will be the most powerful witch in the history. Cate has mind control magic.

Cate. Oh my God. You know, young adult books, should be based on strong female character. Fucking hell, Cate doesn't have a S of a Strong female character. I honestly don't get it. The prophecy says you are the most powerful witch in history, and you let yourself be guided by just EVERYONE? Oh please, come on! Ok, she does have a snapping attitude, and she cares a lot for her sisters, but come on, a little self-confidence? Belief in yourself?

Her sisters. Oh my, Maura is the typical annoying character, who thinks she know everything better and everyone else don't. The more you want her good, the more she thinks you don't want her to be happy and that you're jealous. I would have slapped her, if I was Cate. Tess. Tess is the younger sister and she is very clever and good. I liked her a lot.

The romance. Ok, the romance was good, thought I didn't agree with many choices Cate made. In the beginning she wanted something, then she wanted something else. But that's not the point. What I didn't like was that she always thought about the problems occurring her relationship - as in what will other think? Paul wasn't good because he wanted to move in another city and she couldn't be away from her sisters. Finn wasn't good because of his family business and that was a danger to her sisters.

Maybe it wasn't Cate's fault. I mean, her mother really haven't left her any good advices. And with a society that repress and disgust everything you represent.. I get it, it must be hard. But still!! Being the most powerful witch EVER should count for something, damn it!!

And another thing. Through the whole book, we listen to her saying she would do anything for her sisters. She kept saying she would sacrifice her happiness and her life for them. But does she really? I mean, when Maura freaks out and Brother Ishida sees everything and acusse Maura and Tess for witchery, what does Cate actually do? She doesn't say anything and she even let him hit her. Hit her. You have the power of mind controlling and you claim you'd anything for your sisters, and then, when they do actually need you, you just stand there? If it wasn't for Tess, both of them would have been sent to the madhouse. Cate here failed me the most.

Now my dear readers I don't want to discourage to read this book. Like I said, many people found it awesome, but I guess it just wasn't my type ;) And OMG this must be my first kind of negative review EVER. But after finishing the book, I just couldn't not say anything about it.
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message 1: by nick (new) - added it

nick I got this one too!
Waiting to see your review! :)

message 2: by Nea (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nea Barabea I'm gonna start today! :) So excited! :) :)

message 3: by nick (new) - added it

nick Hope you enjoy it :D
Have fun reading!

message 4: by Nea (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nea Barabea Thank you :) <3

Mimi Valentine Oh YAYAYAYAY! So happy you're reading this, Nea! <3 Are you liking it so far? :)

message 6: by nick (new) - added it

nick I think this is the first time I see you giving a low rating, Nea.
I had no idea it was that bad. I have yet to read it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though :)

message 7: by Nea (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nea Barabea Yeah, I was kind of shocked myself.

It's not that bad.. many people liked it. I guess it's wasn't my type of book. I dunno. :P

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