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Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer
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Feb 27, 2012

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Read on February 27, 2012

This is one of those books where the context of when I read it is probably super important. If I had read it a week ago I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it so much.
Since I read it today, when I was freeeee and not totally stressed out I did enjoy it and finished it in a few hours instead.

The "emails between two characters" narrative device could have been so, so annoying. But it wasn't because they read like actual emails a real person would send (apart from having better spelling), making it feel less contrived! And having recently heard of a true-life story of two people falling in love due to someone making a mistake in an email address it didn't seem cutesy that it happened here.

The translation was also very good. It didn't read like it was translated which is probably the best compliment you can give to a translation. This might be partly because German isn't as awkward to translate into readable English as Russian and Japanese, the two languages which most of the translations I've been reading lately come from. However they still could have ballesed it up so good on them!

I think the translation is also good partly because there's nothing, well, super "German" about this book beyond the fact that it's set there. You could have changed the setting to somewhere else and it wouldn't have affected the story greatly. You can choose yourself if this is a sad indictment of globalisation or a sign of the universal nature of falling in love (via email). (Personally I choose the latter.)

In conclusion, interesting book, cliffhanger ending that does make me want to read the sequel instead of pissing me off (that's a tough thing to pull off) and good translation. If it sounds like something you'd like, give a shot!
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