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Summer Storm by Joan Wolf
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2.5 stars. This was a strange book. I was surprise by the un-pc aspect of the story line. The hero wanted the heroine to have an abortion after she got pregnant a few months into them being married. It sort of lowered the hero's sex appeal IMO but I commend the author for broaching such a controversial subject. Most author's wouldn't touch that with a tenth foot pole.

The reunited lovers theme is not my favorite theme to read, as I always feel like I missed out on the best part of them getting together when they first met. I figured the hero's cheating on the heroine after he became a famous actor would have given me the angst that I needed, but JW started the story from the hero trying to get the heroine back. She did do a little back story but it wasn't enough. The back story was actually my favorite part of the book, but the rest of it became a bit tedious after a point.
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03/14/2012 "Check out the hero's undies on the cover :))))))"
03/15/2012 "OMGOsh! What kind of jerk hero tells his wife to get an abortion because he wasn't ready to have kids yet? I've never come across that before in a romance. It proves we haven't seen it all yet,lol." 3 comments

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