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Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill
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Feb 26, 2012

really liked it
Read from February 21 to 24, 2012

Friday Night Bites followed the adventures of its predecessor, Some Girls Bite, in which Merit, a recently turned vampire, continued her adaptation to her new life. It was just as entertaining as the last one. The actions and character interactions kept me turning the pages one after the other.

Without going into all the gory details about what happened in this book, Merit basically was presented with a problem from her Master, Ethan, that an old family friend of hers was going to expose the underground, non-House-sanctioned activities of vampires. Through her subsequent investigation, she discovered that there was more to the threat than meets the eyes.

The mystery of the story was pretty good, although I must say that the real perpetrator became damn obvious and predictable after a little while. What I liked about it though, wasn’t because of its complicated, twisting plot, but the fact that it was nice and clean. Yes it was rather simple and the culprit easy to guess at, but it was clean – and sometimes simple could be better.

Character-wise though, I felt a wee bit disappointed because I thought we didn’t see a whole lot of Merit development. She did accept her position of being the House Sentinel and she bit the fact that she had to go back to seek help from her estranged father. However, she continued to be ignorant of her vampiric “problems”, (view spoiler) I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t bring that up and ask others. After all, she was only a 2-month old vampire – a mere fledgling. Anyway, I thought that was stupid.

On top of that, Merit’s personal life was a mess. She had an argument with her best friend, Mallory. And then she and Morgan, the new Master of the Nevarre house, had a relationship fallout and she basically ruined what could have been a wonderful relationship with him. But then, I understood why she did it, because she was trying to be honest to herself, and to Morgan as well, that she simply couldn’t accept a half-ass relationship in which she didn’t feel full-heartedly toward Morgan. On the other hand, despite the obvious attraction between her and Ethan, she continued to push herself away from him, claiming that they’d drive each other crazy. But really, she needed to just grow up and be comfortable and confident in her new skin, whether it was acting as a badass Sentinel protecting her house, being sympathetic towards people whom she cared about, or feeling lust towards Ethan etc. Her failure to accept or see that seemed to be a deterrent to her further character development. Nonetheless, judging from the way how the book ended, I believed this would change in the next book.

On another note, I must admit that I felt kind of sorry for Morgan. I actually was sad to see that it didn’t work out for him because I liked him and thought he had potential. He would have made a great love triangle along with Merit and Ethan. It was pretty clear that the author was really trying to aim for something more between Merit and Ethan. And oh god I hope it happens soon, like in the next book, because I just couldn’t stand it anymore!!!

I give this book 3.5 stars.

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