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Cast in Chaos by Michelle Sagara
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Feb 26, 2012

really liked it
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This series is, at once, beautiful and frustrating. Sometimes you want to smack Kaylin and sometimes you just want to hug her. If nothing else, the books are entertaining and they capture your attention and imagination very quickly. The author does much the same in Cast in Chaos, expanding and developing the world that she has created and making it something rich and rather lovely (as well as rather terrible to boot).

The beginning of the book was a bit of a mess. It has been a while since I've last read one of the books, and it was a little confusing and there were names and phrases thrown around like crazy. It's not really a series you can pick up in the middle and expect to figure out everything, but they are standalone, in that each and every book tells a complete story. But once the story gets moving, once you begin to understand a little more, the writing flows out and grasps your attention. More importantly, it holds it, and you're pretty much sucked into the world that is presented before you.

The plot of the book is fairly complex and filled with quite of a lot of layers. There is an area in the city that is warped by strange magic--or rather, magic is being warped in the area, and nobody knows why. Kaylin and the rest of the Hawks try to investigate what is happening, and why, with little success until Kaylin, of course, manages to fall out of place in the world and become lost. There is nothing there, and yet there is a presence that terrifies her and she barely manages to escape from such a place. Unfortunately that presence, the Devourer, a being that swallows up worlds, is searching for something, and Kaylin fears that it is her world. And that's just the tip of it, really.

The characters are great. Kaylin has grown from what she was in the beginning books, all for the better. She's not as irritating now, she thinks a little more before she jumps into things, but she's still her. She still makes rash decisions and still can't keep her mouth shut for the most part. And, okay, I'm pretty much in love with Nightshade, for no good reason other than I apparently have a certain type in books, and he pretty much encompasses all of it. It's just too bad that he doesn't show up nearly as much as I want him too.

But I think what's best about the series is the amount of creativity the author has put into the world. It's a rich, deep, complex world that you can't help but get lost in. It's a little confusing, and sometimes you don't get any answers, but there's always something more and something different. 4 stars.
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