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The Surrogate by Judith Henry Wall
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Goodreads Description- To a penniless twenty-year-old like Jamie Long, surrogate motherhood seemed both an act of altruism and a financial opportunity. But once pregnant and under contract to Amanda Hartmann, the head of a famous evangelical family, Jamie realizes that she's getting more than she bargained for. Whisked away to the vast, isolated family ranch, she's closely supervised and carefully cut off from the outside world. She learns the family's dark secrets -- and sees the enormity of their ruthlessness. When Jamie hears Amanda's plan to claim the baby as her natural-born child, she begins to suspect that her own life is in danger and resolves to flee.
Alone with a tiny newborn, she calls on the one man in the world she can trust -- her high school crush, Joe Brammer. Their love unites them in a struggle to escape, and soon enough their flight becomes a fight for their lives.

The Surrogate is the story of Jamie Long, a poor young woman, who enters into a contract with a very rich family, the Hartmanns, to become a surrogate mother for Amanda Hartman. Amanda is a popular televangelist who, along with her brother controlling things from the background, raises funds for Evangelical Christian political candidates, as they believe that the US would best be served by Christians who believe in the laws of God. Jamie doesn't realize just how deep in trouble she has gotten herself. After becoming pregnant, Jamie is taken to a secluded ranch where she is to be confined with no external contact for the length of her pregnancy. During this time, Jamie realizes that Amanda is not who she claims she is. Amanda is going to claim Jamie's baby as her biological own and plans to get rid of any evidence that the baby was adopted, including Jamie. Jamie makes her escape and has the baby and the rest of the plot revolves around Jamie and her old friend Joe running for their lives from the Hartmann henchmen.

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It cleverly weaves the story of a surrogate mother with the politics of the day. It is clear that the author's story is meant to be an attack on politics in the US today. There are many Evangelical Christians who actively work behinid the scenes to raise funds for candidates that will do their bidding while in office. The book definitely alluded to the presidency of George Bush Jr. who seemed to not actually be making his own decisions but had cabinet members with stronger political power pushing him in the direction that they wanted. I believe the same things as the author so I definitely liked the book and her message of separation of church and state and that powerful people can become dangerous people. I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but the story defintely reflects what is actually happening in our country with politics. The writing is wonderful and the characters are fully developed. Even the character's descriptions were analogies to the messages of the book or to the character's actions. The author has written one terrific book! 5 stars!

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Ginger I'm glad you found this to be a 5 star read! I absolutely loved it back when I read it.

Gina I absolutely loved it! I don't know if she has written anything else but I will sure be looking for other books by Wells

Ginger That's great! I think she has written a couple more, but I haven't read them. Hmmm...maybe I need to do a search.

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