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Charmed by Paul Ruditis
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Feb 26, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from October 22 to November 15, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Piper is about to open her new restaurant, she’s working hard and long hours to get it done. She’s barely at home and her children miss her. Wyatt performs a multiplicity spell to create more Pipers so that she can get many tasks done… such as chores, working, spending time with family and special time with Leo.

Coop is getting tired of his work when his duties as a father and husband often take over. He’s also beginning to question his past, who his family was and where he came from. Phoebe has a premonition while searching for answers for her husband. She finds out that his family is the Coopersmiths and that a couple is about to get married. She gets Piper to host the rehearsal dinner for them. It’s a chance for Coop to meet his relatives, but there’s something or someone stopping them from achieving that…

Paige’s home is on fire and they are wondering where it came from… is it magical or normal? Her twins Kat and Tam are coming into their powers to freeze and explode things… a gift they share. Cole goes to a Seer for help to find Prue… We see a blonde woman talking about magical powers with a lady at Salem’s Witch House.

Cole finds Prue who’s been reincarnated or return as another human being. She’s a blonde woman living in Salem in the modern world. She had to keep her distance from her sisters since the Charmed Ones are only supposed to be 3 and not 4. If she were to meet her sisters again the balance would shift out of proportion. Leo gets help from a teacher to find out more about what he’s become. They find the fortress where the maker of his magical sword and wings come from. He was never meant to carry the burden of that power since he’s just a mortal.

Paige has a new charge, her name is Sarah and she works at Salem’s Witch House. She finds Cole standing in front as a ghost. He tries to stop her from going in… since she will find Prue in there. Just meeting Prue causes a shock for all of the sisters magically. Their powers go out of wack and become too strong which could cause them to display their magical powers to others. Cole comes to the sisters to explain the situation… or try to at least. Piper freezes the whole mortal world, but that gets the demons free to roam it and kill as they please. Leo gets captured by Rennek… Once Paige and Prue stop fighting and she starts believing that it’s really her, she orbs her to the manor. The Halliwell sisters recognized her soul instantly.

The sisters catch up and hug. Leo tries to fight off Rennek. The Charmed Ones has to create potions to kill off the demons before they kill innocents. Coles has a heart-to-heart talk with Phoebe. Paige realizes that there’s one sister too many and creates a power stripping potion for herself. She wants to be normal again for her family. Prue realizes that she hasn’t moved on because she couldn’t let go of her Charmed destiny and decides to use the power-stripping potion for herself. The girls go find Leo and save him. Cole announces to Phoebe that she’s pregnant with her second child.

Paige and Henry are asked to give back little Henry to his former parents. They found the father, but he isn’t very responsible and his family are ciminals. She must do what it takes to keep her son. She finds her book “The Double McGruffin” and creates a spell to get a character from the book to help her out. He’s created to be a detective and to help her get the bad guys to justice. When he comes out, he’s in black and white and slowly the manor turns black and white and so does Paige. He sets up a date with Paige and the boy’s father to “talk” while they try to find evidence against them to claim her son back. Quinn, the detective is willing to trade the laptop in exchange for making him stay in this reality. Paige tricks him and gets Henry in a glamour to trick him. The spell backfires and Quinn gets sent back into his book. At the very end… we find that little Henry… a mortal boy… might actually have a magical power to freeze things…

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