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Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
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Jun 29, 12

did not like it
bookshelves: 2012
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06/24/2012 page 118
33.0% "What's that, you've got a plain jane heroine with SPESHIUL POWERRRS? You don't say? Well, I can smell that love triangle you're brewing for her a mile away and guess what it smells like recycled horseshit." 1 comment
06/26/2012 page 199
56.0% "Something about the fact that some authors feel it necessary to drive home again and again and AGAIN that their protagonist is plain and ugly REALLY bothers me."
06/27/2012 page 232
65.0% ""Just admit it,” he sneered. “He owns you.” LOVE TRIANGLES: THEY'RE SO CHARMING." 9 comments

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Ms. Library That bad huh?

Steph I'm so confused by all the good reviews. There was nothing original about this thing. For fucksake the main couple even had a meadow.

Ms. Library A MEADOW!
I don't know why, but that cracked me up.

message 4: by Eve (new) - added it

Eve Davids Wow, Stephanie, its amazing how you never disappoint me with your honesty. I dont know maybe its because a lot of my goodreads friends know the author on twitter and the blogging world or so. But honestly, I really couldnt help be irritated with the specially gifted low self-esteem girl who didnt know she had special powers. And heck I hate stupid heroines. Why would you throw your body over someone that is about to be killed. That is why I liked Katniss because she had human flaws. Most people in this world wont throw themselves over someone who is about to be killed. They will protect themselves. And isnt it funny, that the guy with the slightest gay crush is killed so fast. Anyway, I dumped the book soon after that.

The Holy Terror TheDuchess wrote: "I dont know maybe its because a lot of my goodreads friends know the author on twitter and the blogging world or so."

Oooh, conspiracy theory time! I kind of hate when that happens (an author is a nice person who is friends with lots of reviewers/bloggers - as awful as that sounds) because then you really wonder if people are saying something is awesome because they really loved it or because they're afraid to hurt their friend's feelings.

Cillian and I are reading this in August, and neither of us know the author in any way, so we'll definitely be honest too!

Steph You guys, I'm still mad about this book. I've gone back and skimmed all of the many good reviews again and I just don't get it. Oh well, I guess this book doesn't need my help, haha.

Ms. Library That's kind of how I feel about Scarlet, because there are so many positive reviews, and then when I go to Fire, the first few are super negative and talking about how it glorifies sin or something. Whhaaaaaaaat? People, have better taste in books.

The Holy Terror I've got some updates that I need to post tonight that I think you'll enjoy. Alina is pissing me off more and more. She's rude, annoying, whiny, and cares more about being pretty than using her special power to possibly save her country.

The plastic surgery Grisha ... oh man ... don't get me started ...

Steph I'm so excited by your displeasure!

I should write a review for this, probably.

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