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Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares
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Jul 27, 2008

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Read in April, 2008

** spoiler alert ** I enjoyed this book as much as the first two, although I did have a few issues with it.

1. What kind of camp assigns a male and female councelor to do an overnight trip with 10-14 year old boys and has them share a tent without the campers in it? I don't care if they -are- both over 18, I just don't see a camp doing that. It became unbelievable to me. Now, if they'd had different tents and one or the other snuck over to the other... although that would go against what they were trying to accomplish (trust) so... yeah. Same problem with him helping her when she was sick. Although it was super sweet, I think someone would complain and they'd probably get fired for her sleeping in his bed. Even if she was sick. And especially cause he was there too, they were both in nothing but underwear, and he had his arms around her. At a camp full of 10-14 year old MALE campers... that seems like a no-no to me. I was very, very proud of Bee for not having sex with the guy, though.

2. Lena's scholarship. It was just too perfect. Her parents take away her chances of going to school, her teacher pushes her to apply for a scholarship - there are already 70 applications and only a few days to apply - she pulls off a bunch of drawings of her family in a very short time with very little preparation... and of course she gets the scholarship. It just works out too perfectly for me. I was almost hoping she -wouldn't- get it, to shock us, since everyone -knew- she would get it. Or maybe she didn't get it, but her parents saw how amazing her work was and changed their mind and saw she was really determined to go so they paid for it and it all worked out, but for a while we were scared she wouldn't get to go, you know?

3. I must be a bad person, but I was seriously hoping that David (Carmen's mom's husband) was having an affair. Out of town for work all the time, his cell phone is turned off... I was seriously thinking that Carmen and Win would get to Trenton or wherever he was, and find him with another woman. But no, of course, these books are too good for that. Once again, predictablilty wins.

4. And finally, something good. I loved Tibby in this book. In the first two, she annoyed me. But in this one, she really came into her own and I really liked her character. She was not predictable, and she changed a lot as a person throughout the book. Yay Tibby!
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Nightbird Loved your review. I was writing mine, but I pushed a wrong key and everything went bye-bye, and now I'm just too lazy to go for it again. Anyway. Yes exactly like you I thought that David was cheathing on Christina, I swear I really did; and when Carmen and that weird guy (he is) are in the car I was just breathless about what they'd find. But happy ending on that.
I really loved Tibby as well. And she's a character with whom I didn't really connect til now. She matured and she learnt how to love and she was just the ''wonderful girl'' of this book.
As for Lena, I didn't really care or wasn't particularly thrilled about the art academy thing. Her grandma was the heat of the story, and the scenes of Lena painting her people was just remarkable.
For Bi... Too much to say. She has suffered too much that just smiling at her can make her day. I don't think that going to the camp with Eric did much better to her... But she's learn a few stuff, and I'm sure that in the fourth book she'll be much more mature and complete.
Again, thank you for your review, it was very good.

Nightbird she's learnt* Sorry sorry.

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