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Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow
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Mar 12, 12

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"Strange Angels" follows the story of Dru, who, after her father dies and returns as a zombie (of course), takes over his job as hunter of all things supernatural, while learning to understand her own supernatural abilities.

Dru is a fun, if understandably angry character, who doesn't just sit back and let things happen. Unlike many of her fellow heroines, she is the first to jump into a fight to protect others. Her attitude is somewhat reminiscent of the brothers on "Supernatural", and there is a definite "Supernatural" vibe to the whole story.

Despite Dru's rather troubling daddy issues, the love interest story line was enjoyable as well. I like the character Graves and thought his attitude allowed for some excellent development of Dru as a strong female protagonist, supported but not reliant on a man.

I really did quite love "Strange Angels" and thought the series had so much potential. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from here. Dru rapidly lost her pizzazz and became overly obsessed with proving herself amongst the boys, who mostly just wanted to either eat or look after her. Equally, instead of proving herself by standing up to their misogyny, she mostly just sat back, did what she was told (despite the series’ tag line), and bitched about it.

Also, the love interest story line became GAH! This was one of my favourite aspects of the first book. Their relationship was quite atypical for the usual gender relations of young adult paranormal, and still managed to be enticing. Yet, as the series progressed, the story turned into the typical: who will she date? The hot bad boy, or the nice decent guy (who, at this point, despite gaining powers of his own, just becomes pathetic and sulky)?

So much potential. So disappointing.
Read Book One, then stop.

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