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Futurama Adventures by Eric Rogers
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Mar 06, 14

bookshelves: spacey-wacey, science-fiction, graphic-nouvelle
Read on February 25, 2012's been a loooooong time since I've read anything that made me laugh so hard. Even Fry likes it! And Fry's hard to please! Right? Tell 'em, Fry!

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See what I mean? Unlike Fry, I'm a huge Futurama fan and make no bones about it: I've seen all the old episodes and most of the new, and all of the movies. I didn't know there were comics based on the franchise, too, until I asked my brother for some graphic novels to read and he put this on the stack.

It's amazing! I'm super critical and hyper-protective about my favorite books/movies/TV shows, but this was a great addition to the Futurama collection. As I read along, I could easily imagine the characters saying the written dialog - something that's important in adaptions. If you are unable to imagine the character in question saying those things in their voice it usually means it's out-of-character. It helps that this was written by Matt Groening, I'm sure.

This particular volume features all new adventures!

Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire?
Planet Express is about to go bankrupt. The professor needs to raise one million dollars

in a week, or he's going to be forced to sell the company. Fry, being the well-meaning goof that he is, decides that he's going to raise the money by going on Morbo's hit new show: Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire? If you answer all the questions right, you get the $1,000,000 jackpot! But if you get one question wrong you get the consolation prize: painful death by laser beam! Given that Fry's IQ is probably a good deal lower than the number of times he's walked into walls, Leela is considered and determined to keep him from getting himself killed. That...could be hard.

Xmas Time Is Fear

The Donbot, Robot Devil, and Santa have formed a triumvirate that puts New New York in more danger than one of the professor's Doomsday devices. And who's the catalyst who's gonna set this plan in motion? Why, Bender of course, when the Robot Devil makes him an offer he can't refuse.

And Bender, being the lovable scamp that he is, manages to come through as always...though with unexpected results and with no consequence to him.

New Years' Rockin' Evil

When the power fails, the professor dusts off his "what-if" machine to see what would happen if Bender went back in time instead of Fry. The result is a hilarious parody of the Terminator - with a rather unexpected ending that results in a windfall for the future Zoidberg and death of the Fry meme.

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Just kidding. Zoidberg and success go together like two identical poles on a magnet. Which is to say, not at all.

Planet X-Press Men

The Planet Express ship has mutants...apart from Leela! (So wait...if she's a mutant and she's mutated further, does that make her a mutant squared?) But evil is unleashed when they come across Benderine a robot of mysterious origins with internal structures of illegal metal - and the evil isn't Bender. Now that's what I call terrifying.

Freaky Fry-Day

Another funny movie parody! I'm sure you can guess what this one's making fun of.

...Um, no, not exactly. What happens when the professor and Fry swap minds? Nothing good. Suddenly the professor seems crazy...well, crazier than usual, and gets locked up in the hospital pending for his lobotomy and Fry gets down and dirty with sexy female lab scientists on company time.

I just can't say how great of a read this was. I still have a smile on my face from all the funny jokes and Easter eggs this edition included. I highly recommend this to fans of Futurama and graphic novels, alike! In fact, with its large fanbase, I'm surprised that Futurama Adventures doesn't have far more ratings than it does. But I'm sure that will be remedied someday soon... ;)
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