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HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett
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Feb 25, 12

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02/25/2012 page 40
8.0% "Stuff that has been going on at work lately has made me realize that I should've never stopped trying to improve my skills and learn new skills. I understand some basic HTML but want to know more. One thing I can already say about this book is that it's graphically stunning. Very inviting to read and look at."
02/26/2012 page 74
14.0% "I do like that it told me how to make lists. I get frustrated with bloggers list presets sometimes. They always seem to get confused and not do what I want them to."
03/18/2012 page 117
23.0% "Book points out that some designers frown on animated gifts because of overuse in the 90s. I bet these same people cringe when encountering tumblr (for the record, I love tumblr)"
03/26/2012 page 142
28.0% "Some of this stuff I've created in Dreamweaver before but I feel like understand the background code better is good. I thought tables would be more complicated than that. Pleasantly surprised."
04/02/2012 page 225
44.0% "The chapter on embedding flash videos may have been a wee bit over my head (or the one part that talked about the free javascript you could get from google to run flash players). Okay thing that's all the education my brain can handle today." 8 comments
04/06/2012 page 247
48.0% "Next chapter is about color! *splashes you all with rainbows* CSS chapter made sense. But when I tried to put it into the HTML (internal CSS) it didn't work on my free text wrangler & I don't know why. But apparently external is a better practice anyways."
04/06/2012 page 259
51.0% "GRRR. I can't figure out if I've mistyped something form the example or if the example just doesn't work. I am tugging at my hair in frustration. (A nervous habit of mine)"
04/06/2012 page 259
51.0% "I have spent an hour piddling with things/changing things to try to figure out if I did something wrong with this CSS style sheet. If anyone know code and is willing to tell me why this isn't working I would love you forever. And if that doesn't work I have bribes."
04/06/2012 page 259
51.0% "FREAKING A I JUST CANT SPELL ACRONYMS SOMETIMES. And it took me an hour to solve that."
04/16/2012 page 300
59.0% "I'm reading this book so slowly because I'm trying to do it on days off when I have the mental capacity to absorb knowledge. The chapter on text was pretty good (though some of it I knew from college graphic design courses)"
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