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Whatever Happened to Janie? by Caroline B. Cooney
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Feb 25, 12

really liked it
bookshelves: 2nd-trimester
Read in January, 2012

Whatever happened to Janie is a sequel to The face on the milk carton and Janie has moved into her real families house and she is real shy to them because she hasn't seen them in twelve year and the prey every night, but her other family never did and their house is so small and their are seven people in the family and they all share one bathroom and Janie at her old house had her own bathroom and she has four dozen clothes and her sister Jodie that she has to share a room with. Her new brothers and sister's names are Steven (the oldest) Jodie (A year older then Janie) Jennie (Janie) the twins Brendan and Brian (Super athletic). Before Janie was kidnaped her real name was Jennie and Hannah mistaken her name. Jodie and Steven always yelled at Jennie because for twelve years she is gone and missing and making her parents worry and now she is back and not saying anything or doing anything. They try and get Jennie to do fun stuff like what she did with the Johnstones, but she won't do anything. One day the policeman Mr. Mollison came over to interview Jennie, but he has been over before because he was put in charge of the Jennie's case although he has never met Jennie before so he was being kinda creepy, but nice. He asked her questions about HAnnah and why she went with her, but Jennie didn't know why she went with her she doesn't remember her past. The whole family starts talking trash about Hannah about why she is so stupid to tear a family apart. When Jennie gets mad and home sick and she goes back to live with her parents that she lived with for twelve years. Jodie and Steven decide to go to New york and find Hannah and make her pay for what she did to their family. They went to New york because two years ago Hannah was arrested there and escaped. They thought she would still be there and at a soup kitchen because once one get to old you would get kicked out the cult and since all Hannah knew how to do was beg for money for the cult she became homeless.

I gave this book four stars because it was good, but I didn't like how Jodie and Steven would always yell at Jennie and be mean to her. I liked this book because there was a lot of mystery and questions. I liked that because when ever Jennie would remember something she would tell the story. Also, I liked that Brendan was always there for Jennie and gave her advise, but I don't like how she never toke it and I think she would have turned out better if she did. A reason I choose this book is because I read the first one and at the end it was a cliff to make me read the second one and at the end of the second one there was another cliff hanger and it makes me want to read the third and final one. To find out what happened how and why it happened.

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