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The Holocaust by Martin  Gilbert
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Apr 01, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from February 24 to March 08, 2012

While reading Shirer's Third Reich book, I wanted to learn more about the Holocaust, obviously like most people I know something about it, but I wanted more detail so I picked up this book. This book starts off with a very brief history of some antisemitism in Germany, starting with some vicious quotes from the hateful Luther, I think Luther's work titled 'On the Jews and their Lies' should be enough for anyone to question his integrity (although granted I've only read snippets not the entire thing). Then it goes into a massive 900ish pages of event after event of the atrocities committed against the Jews during WWII (I find much of it hard to take, how could anyone treat a race / people like this, this reminds me of the worst stories of serial killers yet this wasn't a single demented individual but thousands).

First I have a few minor complaints, I wish the book did a little more background information on WWII and what lead to this, secondly the book often gets into a numbers game where it spends many pages giving facts such as x number of people were hauled away this day and murdered, I would have preferred less of this numbers presentation. This book gave tons of information for the horrors of the holocaust, the mentioning of statistics is countered with lots of personal stories from people who survived or their diaries were later found. Overall I'd give this book a perfect five stars, the few things I'd change seem minor compared to the stuff that was presented. With that being said, I'm really glad that I'm done with this book, I was in a minor depression for the three weeks I read this. I like to hope that deep down people are better / more moral than this systematic slaughter of millions, but obviously I'm wrong. I guess this is what you get when you let hatred take over your common decency.

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