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Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar
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Apr 29, 12

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Read from February 24 to April 29, 2012

What I found interesting about the book, Happier, is that without saying so, Tal Ben-Shahar is writing about quality of life and quality of life - or finding those qualities we want in our lives to give life meaning - is what CCT is all about. CCT, Crystalline Consciousness Technique, is the cutting edge self-motivated personal growth process work I use. Crystalline refers to the crystalline system of the body and not to crystals and gemstones. the living crystalline energy that constitutes our bodies. Research biologist James Oschman, Ph.D. describes living systems in this way: "Bones, fascia, connective tissue and even some of the supportive tissues in the brain are composed of a liquid crystalline substance. It is like a crystal on an old radio set. The interesting thing about crystals and crystal structures is they actually allow for what you call quantum phenomena." With regard to CCT, one could say that besides being self-awareness and consciousness evolving work, CCT is all about gaining a spiritual or metaphysical perspective on oneself and one's life.

Now, I have read a lot of metaphysical and spiritual books by leading teachers, and the one thing I have to say about Happier is that Ben-Shahar is not a very inspiring or compelling writer. I'm not sure why though it may be that his writing is not emotional or uplifting and is a tad dry. However, the author brings his point across clearly, and I found some compelling information such as looking at three things to help make our lives progressively happier: the process of asking ourselves three critical questions 1) What gives me meaning? 2) What gives me pleasure? and 3) What are my strengths? He also conveys that we need to put in time to reflect on the answers - to go deep often and over some length of time - reviewing the questions throughout our lives.

I do recommend this book since it elucidates the happiness revolution (and the unnamed conscious evolution toward Love) behind a great many processes today. Finding happiness is a process. As Ben-Shahar writes, "It seems odd that most of us are prepared to work extremely hard for quantifiable ends yet give up quickly when it comes to pursuing the ultimate currency [happiness]." If we want to find happiness, we need to look again and again, reflect often, do "the work" of it day by day, week by week, "for while there is one easy step to unhappiness--doing nothing--there are no easy steps to happiness."

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