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The Mighty Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow
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Oct 01, 08

bookshelves: paranormal-romance

Pillow combines the legend of Atlantis with some Greek mythology to create a book about the Merr, an undersea race of mermen and women.

This sounds like a fascinating premise. However, like so much mer fiction, Pillow ultimately doesn't deliver on the promise we glimpse in the beginning with the introduction of the Merr. After Caderyn and Bridget meet, the book quickly veers into poor romance with weak conflicts generated by the characters second-doubting the other's feelings again and again and finding cause for uncertainty in the other's actions (see, The Big Misunderstanding), which is not in the least convincing since the characters want each other almost from the beginning of the book.

I feel this book could have easily been improved by less artificial waffling from the characters and more external conflict, as we see briefly near the end of the book with the mysterious Olympians (sirens). If the author had been as creative with the plot as with the premise, there would have been a great deal of potential here. Apart from that, I thought the writing could have been more economical with unnecessary details, the plot should have been faster-moving, and the dialogue should not have been so wildly varying from archaic speech to modern even between the same characters.

I would recommend this only as a light, quick romance read between books or maybe at the airport. For those interested in more in depth sea-creature fiction, try the works of Virginia Kantra who writes a series about selkies a la romance suspense. Her scenes are much less gritty for those who want romance to go back to basics.

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