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May 03, 12

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Ok so, this is my first review on ANY book actually. So, it might be rather long & unfinished as well, cause well, I like to write and sometimes my essays & notes come out to be a little TOO long. And this might be too. So, I'll just get started on my opinion on this AWESOME book!:

COVER: When I first saw the cover at the library, the thing that drew me in the most was the hand reaching out for help. And of course, the little block letters written underneath the title: A GHOST STORY. And anyone whose seen some of the books I've fav'd or or have in my library, know that I L♥V3 these kinds of books. It's practically my whole life! So, I knew for sure this book was going to entertain me.

FIRST PAGE: When I saw the first page and when I came up to the sentence in the 3rd paragraph & the 3rd line which read: A cold draft of cool dust blew over me, the smell reminding me of Adam, the delivery boy. I knew for sure that her and Adam were destined to be! Yeah, that's me - guessing things without all the info. =) But, as I read on, there were parts - well, many parts actually where I figured her & Rob would be together! I mean, I could just see it in the way that he spoke with her & smiled at her. It was almost obvious!

BEGINNING: There was just one thing how the arrival of Samuel took so dang long! I mean, the news that he was returning home around ch. 4 & he ended up coming around ch. 15 & 16. Well, the chs. are pretty short though & may be that's why it kept me more and more interested with the ending of each one.

MIDDLE: Um, basically the same as the beginning. Not much to really say here.

ENDING: Ok now, I have a little secret: Before reading ANY book, I...skim the ending! Yes, yes, I know that's a total spoiler alert, but I just can't help myself. And since I did, I fallen in love & despair as well with it even more. I couldn't wait to get to the ending & find out how that figured out the whole truth. The ending's really sad, btw, it really hurt me. =,(


ABIGAIL 'ABI': Ok, she was my absolute FAVORITE character in this whole book! I mean, she's smart, she can fight - real good too, btw! I mean, she has just total girl power! I L♥V3 her! She has lost her mother & she has been tortured & put through hard labor work by the His Lordship's sister-in-law, & still she's so brave to even attempt to runaway. I'm glad she didn't runaway though, because then she wouldn't have had the chance to find out all the secrets that that house had kept inside or big surprises either. =)

SAMUEL 'SAMMY': Ok, so when I first heard of this guy & how him & Abi used to be the best-est friends ever, another thought crossed my mind: NOW THESE TWO HAVE GOT TO BE TOGETHER! I JUST KNOW IT! And I swear to God, if the author had been lady, she would've definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY made at least SOME romance between those two instead of leaving them as a bro-and-sis type. Ah, so sad.=( And even after how she took such good care of him while he came back from war all hurt & whatnot. The ending is pretty sad for him too. =(

ELIZABETH 'LIZZY': To me this character seemed the most...ah, I don't even know the word for it. Well, basically, she rather trust what she's seen & heard rather than what her best friend says. & that's basically what I really hated about her. (view spoiler)

MS. COTTON: I thought Ms. Cotton was pretty smart, because she really is. She can sneak up on people, she can always find out when Abi's about to do something bad or even think of doing it. (view spoiler) I mean, she was so evil, I kinda got why Abi would suspect that she was the one who killed her mother. (view spoiler)

HIS LORDSHIP: The only reason he seemed insane to me was cause of the fact that he acted it & plus the fact that he always used to call Abigail as Susan, her mother. Now that got me thinking that maybe there was something going on between the two. But, then I noticed that he had a wife, but she died right after Sammy was born. So, that got thought sidetracked for a while & I thought he was insane because of that reason.

COOK: Though she acted rather mean & cocky, I still thought of her as an old sweetheart. Not much to say about her.

MR. LOCK: What I figured out from him was that he knew more than he let on. He may have been an old geezer, but he knew more secrets than most of the other staff in the house. That's all I've got to say about him.

ROB: I liked him at first, but he didn't get described as much as the others, probably cause he wasn't as important, but still, it wouldn't hurt for him to appear a bit more.

ADAM: Him, I liked a lot too. =D Though he appeared even less times than Rob, he still had a big impact on the story. (view spoiler)

Ah, I think that about covers it all. There might be a few more that I'm missing such as: Alexander 'Alex' - Sammy's friend, Dr. Reinhardt - who helped out Abi, etc. But, they weren't that important & besides, my fingers are starting to hurt a little. - They're extremely bony & small, & yet I can type like the wind! =D

This was actually fun & might add some more review soon. Keep a look out, will ya? =)
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