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1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
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Feb 04, 15

Read from April 30, 2012 to February 04, 2015

I'll write a review when I calm down and collect my thoughts ...

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Haruki Murakami
“There are always far more people in the world who make things worse, rather than help out.”
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84
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Reading Progress

04/30 page 3
0.0% "At 925 pages, if I treat this like a Harry Potter book, I'll be done in 3-4 days, lol."
05/01 page 14
2.0% "this should count as two books toward my challenge *pouts*"
05/02 page 18
2.0% "i couldn't concentrate on reading while riding the train this morning. also very tired."
05/03 page 24
3.0% "I think I'm an starting slow because it's the beginning of the book, they switch charters and the book is huge! i spend most of the time fixing the cover jacket and trying not to drop the book." 2 comments
05/09 page 68
7.0% "I just found out one of my coworkers read this book and many other Murakami books. I have someone to bug and talk to about his books!! Bonus: he lived in Japan for a year or two teaching English so he knows some Japanese. I already knew this but it's still a bonus!"
05/14 page 103
11.0% "I took off the book cover. it was annoying me and it was protecting it so much. I just need to make sure my hands are on the clean side when handling the books."
05/17 page 150
16.0% 1 comment
05/29 page 243
26.0% "I barely got any reading done this weekend which sucked because i thought i would be almost done with one of my other books."
06/01 page 320
35.0% "yes! it's 3 books in 1 and i finally finished the 1st book. i had a half day today so i went to the Main New York public Library branch to get some reading done."
06/04 page 324
35.0% "weekend progress fail"
06/05 page 329
36.0% "ugh, i'm slowing down."
06/18 page 490
53.0% "This book is starting to annoy me but i'm waiting until the end to full complain ..."
12/29 page 563
60.0% "I dusted this book off and I'm forcing myself to finish this book once and for all.I don't think i will finish it before the end of 2014, but that means in 2015 i will have one book complete toward my challenge for that year. Everyone wins!!" 1 comment
01/06 page 617
66.0% "I read in the reviews that this book gets better toward the end. I'm still waiting >_>." 4 comments
01/08 page 636
68.0% "they seem to be trying to wrap up the story but letting the detective seem way smarter and good at piecing things together with barely an evidence. ugh! Can't wait to be done with this book."
01/14 page 676
73.0% "Trying to finish this book feels like torture ..."
01/20 page 734
79.0% "I'm only 4 pages further along @_@ *silently weeps*"
01/21 page 739
79.0% "5 pages, better than 4 pages. >_<"
01/22 page 743
80.0% "Only 4 pages again. f*(@ me!
I just want this to end."
01/24 page 800
86.0% "Only 125 more pages to go ..."
01/27 page 806
I just spent close to an hour reading the same paragraphs over and over because I was daydreaming. The book doesn't pull me in. Of the parts that I did read, ... HOW IS IT THAT A 40 SOMETHING YEAR OLD STARES FROM A HIDING SPOT WITH A TELEPHOTO LENS AT A 17 YR OLD, THEY LOCK EYES FOR ABOUT 30 SECS AND NOW HE THINKS HE IS IN LOVE ?? I mean, it's not like she is a kpop star ..."
02/04 marked as: read
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Ulina OMG! I've been reading this book for a month?!?! No wonder the security guard in my lobby asked how long it's going to take for me to finish this book. I keep telling him it's 925 pages.

I am just taking my time and trying to enjoy the book, but this is a bit much. I only read the book on my way to work and from work while riding the train. Now I'm going to be self conscious and wonder how many people ride the train with me and are wondering why I am taking forever to finish this book [/end socially awkward penguin rant]

Ulina I think i also slowed down in reading and the desire to read this book because i feel like the author is just using filler information to make the book longer. It's like a Dragon Ball Z season. Maybe it's because of the translation from Japanese to English. I don't know, but so far this is not my favorite Murakami book ...

Ulina I'm tired of carrying this heavy ass book, the story has started to annoy me and my train rides are too short to get much reading done with a book that is hard to hold on crowded trains. So I'm going to keep this at home and only read it at night before I go to bed. Hopefully I finish soon.

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