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Sep 22, 12

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Excuse me what the fracking hell is Team Warner, huh?! What maniac created such a team??? Urgh. If he becomes a love interest, we shall all rebel against Tahereh Mafi. Who's with me?
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*P*u*r*p*l*e* Masochist Agree :)!!!

Butterfly_Kisses I will join the cause! I hate Warner.....

message 3: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha Hooraaaay!

Fafiliebe ♥ Prince Maxon ♥ Raffe ♥ haha.. TEAM WARNER!! he is sooo cute <3 .. i figured this would be a love triangle when juliette escaped after realizing that warner can touch her.. this is one one the books that makes me soo messed up between the 2 guys not knowing whom to choose!! but well i always loved bad boys... :D i like adam.. but well i am TEAM WARNER!!

Abby Exactly!!! Team Adam!!!

Fly To The Sky I really hate Warner and trust me when I say this there will be a HUGE rebellion if he gets Juliet!!

message 7: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha A maaassive one indeed!

Fafiliebe ♥ Prince Maxon ♥ Raffe ♥ Nope we want warner.... We love him ...

message 9: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha *vomits*

Jessie Potts Read destroy me! It shows a different light to Warner... and Adam was always a bit too puppy in love. (btw I love BSG)

Butterfly_Kisses what is BSG?

Lisa (A Life Bound By Books) Totes agree!! I'm so not team Warner. Even after reading Destroy Me. I don't understand all the Warner love in the slightest. Team Alex FTW!

Jessie Potts BSG Battle Star Galatica, the sci-fi show? they coined fracking in use of the other word

Butterfly_Kisses Lol okay. Thanks :)

Nicole Team Warner!! If you look at all of the book titles they are something that Juliette thinks about Warner or Warner says to her. It's pretty obvious they will be endgame in the series

message 16: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha You're right, let's all side with a sadistic megalomaniac, shall we? "Team Warner, yay!"

Nicole Whatever. I'll be having a dang parade when Juliette picks Warner instead of Adam. It's kind of common knowledge the author is team Warner. I believe anyone, even book characters, can redeem themselves. Warner already has. I think Tahereh meant for that.

Butterfly_Kisses Don't worry Ayesha, I think Nicole is just going around and commenting on all the Warner-hating reviews. She did it to mine too

Nicole Umm no. I'm simply stating what I think. That's what goodreads is for right?

Nicole Your thinking is very wrong indeed, Miss Kathryn. Just commenting to see what other team Warner fans think about it.

Butterfly_Kisses Isn't there a forum for that, Miss Nicole? Why would you come on a review about not liking Warner just so you could argue with people about their views?

Nicole I'm not aware of that forum , Miss Kathryn. And I have no wishes to join one. So quit bitching and let me say my view on the damn book.

Fly To The Sky Okay, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it's great that people want to express these said opinions, but there is no need to argue. So just take a deep breathe and respect others views.

Nicole Thank you. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT OPINIONS SO DEAL WITH IT. end of discussion.

message 25: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha LOL! Nicole, Goodreads is a place for sharing opinions and thoughts on books, and you should respect my opinions in the same way that I respect yours. There's no need for a rude attitude nor arguments, neither of which I appreciate on my review, if you don't mind.

So please, let's keep the conversation book-related and maintain a common sense of respect, shall we?

Nicole I never started the argument. All I did was comment on your review and this whole shabam happened. I do respect your opinion. Everyone has their own thoughts and that is what I was saying. Anyways, I apologize if I offended anyone. And if I recall, my opinion was not respected, so it's not your place to say you didnt

Butterfly_Kisses I thought you said "end of discussion"?

Nicole It was. Until Ayesha commented. So of course I had to respond back, didn't I?

message 29: by Ayesha (last edited Mar 01, 2013 02:37AM) (new) - added it

Ayesha How was your comment not respected? I do believe you're the one who decided to speak rudely first. Any who, I apologize if that's how you felt.

Please feel free to stop commenting now ^^"

Nicole How was my comment not respected? Lets take a trip down memory lane shall we?
"You're right, lets all side with a sadistic megalomaniac, shall we?"
First of all, I just said the reasons why I think Warner and Juliette should be together. I never dissed Adam, so there is no reason to be all pissed at me. In fact, I like Adam. I just think that Warner is better suited for Juliette.

Fly To The Sky Okay. Lets go over this again, shall we? Everyone's view deserves to be respected and there really is no reason as to why a argument needs to follow. Ayesha was just expressing her opinion, although it was in a sarcastic manner, in my opinion, she didn't mean to be rude. So lets take a deep breathe and MOVE ON!!! There is really no need for everyone to get so defensive. IT IS A BOOK!!! THE CHARACTERS ARE FICTIONAL!!! Can we get back to the topic in the book instead of going on about how no one respects each others views. Hopefully we can just end the matter. So has anyone read Unravel Me yet? I haven't had the time, but I can't wait to!!!

Nicole I have. Thank god there wasn't a cliffhanger at the end. But now I have to wait until 2014 -__-

message 33: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha I'm just going to agree with Fly To The Sky. It's a bit ridiculous to claim that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but then take offense when a person does so. But eh, interpret my comment as you may.

I haven't read Unravel Me just yet. In fact, I've barely gotten a chance to read many books at all this year ): But hopefully I'll get around to it soon!

Fly To The Sky I'm so jealous of you Nicole!!!

Nicole I'm going through the same problem -__- I have a mountain of books to read but I recommend that you stop all that you are doing and read unravel me. omg it is amazing <3

Shahd I am not team Warner but you'll get the team Warner girl's point if you read Destroy Me. You'll really understand and like him them

Nicole I haven't even read destroy me. I guess I should though. I'd love to get into his head *_*

message 38: by Cran Berry (last edited May 02, 2013 05:17PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cran Berry Have you read Unravel Me? Seriously from cover to cover. Because if you have then you'd know that of course theres a team Warner! Adam doesn't even have a concrete personality. He's the typical YA love interest. Read one of Adam and Juliette's make out session vs. Warner and Juliette's make out session. You'll see the difference. With Adam its all about the lust, and the fact that she hasn't touched anyone in so long (a girl never forgets her first touch). He's the safe option, the one she has because she doesn't want to get hurt. But with Warner its more emotional, its deeper than appearances. Juliette knows she shouldn't but she wants to, for once she is loosing control of herself and not apologizing for it. Seriously I wasn't Team Warner before reading Destroy Me and Unravel me. I thought he was too twisted to ever be a love interest. When people told me there was gonna be a love triangle in this book I was like "that's not even a funny joke" but the last half of this book just makes it seem like Warner - after he does a bit more revealing and growing up - may just be the best option.

Fafiliebe ♥ Prince Maxon ♥ Raffe ♥ I was team warner all along even before destroy me and unravel me... But the thing is... I am alwats worried that maybe what juliette feels for warner is lust.. not vice versa like what u said sagine... So I am scared... But there are things that shows me cared... Other than her obvious attraction to him... Why would she get so mad when anderson hit warner and abused him infront of her.. she somehow got the same rxn when adam gets hurt... Another thing when she saw his scars she was really angry, she said that at that moment she feeled like she could kill someone... If she didn't care or even love him.. why would she experience such feelings... and adam is boring...

Cran Berry Fafiliebe wrote: "I was team warner all along even before destroy me and unravel me... But the thing is... I am alwats worried that maybe what juliette feels for warner is lust.. not vice versa like what u said sagi..."

I totally agree with you! I'm so nervous. I feel like Mafi might choose Adam, but give Warner the consolation of being a good guy in the end. But really Adam has no substance! Why did she even fall in love with him besides the fact that he was kind to her? And it really just seems like she was in love with him (without having ever spoken a word to him) back when she was younger. But I also have a feeling Mafi is trying to make Warner seem more interesting in comparison on purpose. Seriously, no one can deny (AFTER reading Unravel Me) that Warner is not actually as criminal as everyone thinks he is. I feel as though after all that hard work in establishing Warner as an actual human being with feelings the author can't possibly make him the odd man out in this triangle. I'm not saying Warner's gonna win Juliette's heart, but I've got faith.

Fafiliebe ♥ Prince Maxon ♥ Raffe ♥ I feel as though after all that hard work in establishing Warner as an actual human being with feelings the author can't possibly make him the odd man out in this triangle.

That is exactly what I am thinking of... She wanted us to love warner... He is intelligent, sweet, can give a very good speech, and his feelings are extreme...
u said that she seemed to love adam when she was younger without talking to him.. well I don't see that have changed. . Cz neither do they talk no. . All they do is make out. :p. .
on the other side warner. .. oh my warner have memorized her notebook.... Omg!!!!
I am scared bcz of the forbidden love btw adam and juliette now... But i also have hope.. bcz tahereh is really crazy.. and why did she bother with all that hard work on revealing warner's personality... Tahereh loves warner.. and seriously if warner doesn't win juliette I prefer kenji.. adam is kind of miserable... Now now I think he is typical sweet guy... But come on warner is sooo not typical.. and u can notice that tahereh have woven a web of mysteries and secrets around him... I am not totally against adam.. he is sweet but he is also boring... I liked him in the first book.. but in the second he just stepped on my nerves.. I just couldn't....

Tamara Eriel you probably haven't read all three books. i think you should read it first before you murder Warner on your mind.

message 43: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha I'm not sure if anyone told you this, but there's a little box that includes the date of which this review was written. Now, if you pay close attention, you'll see that I blurted this little thought of mine out before Destroy Me/Unravel Me was written :3

message 44: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha Oh wow, this font sure doesn't do much good for the ":3" face. Oh well

Ayesha Team Warner all the way!! He's actually good....you have to read the second book and the novella. Adam is Gary Stu (just my opinion don't get defensive, team Adam!!)

message 46: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha I was so excited for the second book after I finished Shatter Me but I slowly lost interest waiting for it. Maybe I'll give it a go and see what the Warner raves are about

Tamara Eriel Ayesha wrote: "I'm not sure if anyone told you this, but there's a little box that includes the date of which this review was written. Now, if you pay close attention, you'll see that I blurted this little though..."

I see. But I dont see the part where you blurted out the Team Adam thing.

message 48: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha Team Adam thing? Can you please be more specific

Tamara Eriel Y'know what? Nevermind, thanks anyway :)

Ayesha Nice pic, Ayesha :)

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