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Wake by Lisa McMann
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Dec 04, 2013

did not like it
bookshelves: ya, fantasy, major-letdown, ugh

I picked this one up because the premise sounded so intriguing, but ultimately I thought it was pretty disappointing. The third-person present tense narration really got on my nerves after a while, and the story was told so choppily that I found it hard to really get involved. Not to mention the ridiculous twist towards the end (Spoiler: Her formerly-goth-loser-but-now-suddenly-hot classmate with crazy nightmares turns out to be an undercover cop pretending to be a dealer in order to bust a huge drug operation run by another classmate's father. Um, what?), and the fact that her dreams and why they happen is never really explained, beyond us being told that Janie reads a few dream books from the local library that supposedly solve everything - talk about unsatisfying. Apparently there's a sequel, and maybe it explains more, but I don't think I'll be reading it.
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message 1: by Samira (new) - added it

Samira I completely agree with you Kristi! This book had no substance. Everything you said was completely on point. A choppy read, no explanations for Janie's gift, and the plot's twists being covered with extreme cheese. And, personally, Janie's relationship with Cabel annoyed me because one minute they'd be upset fighting over something ridiculous and the next they were making out. This book did not even get close to reaching it's potential.

Tally EXACTLY I chose this book too because of the premise, but I looked at the book after finishing it saying "What the heck?!" Very confusing, choppily written, third-person-narrating not working for the story. Just a bad book overall. I am NOT buying the 2nd one.

Ruby Psh.

Rebecca This was an awful book. And sooooooo unrealistic. I know, I know, all paranormal books are unrealistic. But teenage undercover cops? COME ON.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I completely agree. This books sucks. The writing style is extremely annoying and choppy and the story itself just makes no sense.

Cherie Great review right on point. Great premise (which I suppose is why they're making a movie based on the book) horrible writing. When I heard theyw ere making the movie I decided to check out what other people though, wondering if I was crazy.

message 7: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna I started this book earlier today, I can not finish it because Cabel is annoying and his nightmare's are lame, I can't get into them... their relationship is too cliche and too fast, it's not that interesting anymore. Thank you for the spoiler, now I really can't finish it because it just sounds so lame now. but in respect for the auther, the book might appeal more to teen reader in highschool(I'm only a 20 year old married mommy, I need books that can make me stay up all night reading)

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I just read, 9 pages. I had to set it down! Way too choppy. The third person thing, was definitely getting on my nerves!

message 9: by Carol (new)

Carol Neman Rebecca said "But teenage undercover cops? COME ON."

I've not read the actual book itself (yet), am reading reviews and comments, but I thought it odd that the concept of teenage undercover cops would be bizarre, unless there is something else at work here in this book...I think there was a TV series years ago about teenage undercover cops, starring Johnny Depp, called '21 Jump Street' and it had a HUGE following...I'm assuming because it WAS believable that youngish people could infiltrate drug rings (or whatever) in High School.

Rebecca 21 Jump Street was before my time xD I didn't know that was what it was about. I just thought WAKE was unrealistic because it was obviously pushing the author's belief that good kids don't drink or do drugs, and everyone who does those things is bad bad bad. Whether or not Ms McMann wants to believe it, most teenagers drink and many do drugs, and it doesn't make them bad people.

And I'm not saying this because I'm like those kids. I'm legal age now and I don't even drink.

message 11: by Carol (last edited Nov 11, 2010 07:56AM) (new)

Carol Neman Well, since I have not read the book, I can't comment on the nuances given to the characters...I know what you mean about stereotypes. When I was in High School, we were shown an 'educational' film about the 'EVILS OF DRINK' and there might have been a little about 'weed' thrown in, too, although in the late 50's it hadn't really gotten out to the average young person yet, mostly only musicians, poets, the avant-garde...In this film, they had me up until the scene shifted to a guy (obviously drunk) who broke his bottle and tried to drink out of the broken glass, with blood streaming down his face...utterly stupid, I thought, who would be so far gone that they would do that? Alcohol doesn't give someone the feeling of omnipotence that way, or allow someone to be so completely out of it to completely ignore danger but still be thinking enough to want another swig...that turned me off from being willing to hear any more of their preaching, because it was so unrealistic.

There was also a theatrical release in the 50's called 'Reefer Madness' which was over-the top paranoia compared to reality, and later became a cult classic because it WAS so over-the-top.

All in all, WAKE sounds like something that would be anticlimactic for me, so thanks for doing the research for me, and letting us all know.

George I really liked this book...I think that mcmann's way of writing could sometimes be a bit annoying but other times it was really interesting, fast-paced and it kept you in suspense...i will be DEFINITELY reading the sequel...

message 13: by Kristi (last edited Dec 10, 2010 02:05PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Kristi It wasn't so much the whole teenage undercover cop deal that turned me off, although, yeah, that felt majorly unrealistic to me (And so, frankly, did 21 Jump Street, despite the presence of a young Johnny Depp). But I can take a fair amount of unrealistic scenarios in my YA paranormal fantasy - after all, the whole trilogy is about how Janie has the completely unnatural ability to see others' dreams. The problem for me was how wildly out of left field that whole plot felt, compared to how the book had been running along before all of the drugs bust mess was thrown in on top. Just didn't work for me.

message 14: by Skye (new)

Skye I agree with you. I thought it was going to be an awesome book, but it was boring.

message 15: by Shep (new) - rated it 1 star

Shep I agree with your review. I thought this book was terrible, and Im amazed that something that sucked SO MUCH could be a best-seller. *sighs*

Jordan Dossett sometimes we have to read a series to find the point. Jamie has no clue what's happening to her and given the narrative how could it be explained.

only valid point is about boyfriend who is suddenly a cop?

message 17: by Shep (new) - rated it 1 star

Shep i might stab someone if I have to read book 2.

Savannah Callway "Her formerly-goth-loser-but-now-suddenly-hot classmate with crazy nightmares turns out to be an undercover cop pretending to be a dealer in order to bust a huge drug operation run by another classmate's father. Um, what?"

Hilarious! I liked the book but I totally get what you mean!

message 19: by Laura (new) - rated it 1 star

Laura Ahh totally right. I didn't even get what was happening by the end, and I was so confused. I hated the lyrical writing style and couldn't stand it after a while. Its what you'd see if a second grader wrote a book.
In the bag:
a toothbrush
sleeping bag.
I mean, really, do we want to know that?

message 20: by Rida (new)

Rida That is exactly how i felt about this book.

Christen Sad! The narrative was difficult at first, but I started to love it and Janie. It's still one of my favorites.

message 22: by Kristi (last edited Dec 05, 2013 09:04AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Kristi Christen, I wish I liked it better because the premise was fun. I've liked a couple of other books by McMann. I never did go on to read the rest of the series. Sometime maybe I'll try again.

Desarae Walter I personally loved this book. I was always on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put it down

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