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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Feb 27, 12

really liked it
Read from February 24 to 26, 2012

I always knew that eventually I'd have to read this book. For one thing, I figured that Scott would choose it for the podcast. Then, of course there is the upcoming movie which looks darned good in the trailer. And Rose, Heather from CraftLit, and the myriad book buddies who are incredulous that I haven't read it.

Who knew that it would be fellow small group facilitators at RCIA who would make the final push? We were whispering together in the back of the church while the catechumens (nonbaptized who are converting) and their sponsors were practicing for this weekend's Rite of Call (or something like that) where they are presented to our church at Mass this week. (Let's not get into the fact that I am now going to have to add Les Miserables to my "to read" list and my movie list. Yes, these guys are into great stories.)

Anyway, that made me wonder if it were available to borrow for my Kindle since I'm a Prime Member. Sure enough, this morning I was able to begin reading.

We all know what this is about, right? In a dystopian future, Panem is the Capitol of the land, surrounded by 12 outlying districts. Life is severe and difficult in the districts and, making matters worse, a harsh tribute is exacted as punishment for a failed rebellion. A boy and a girl from each district must travel to the Capitol and participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. This is rightly regarded as a death sentence, so when her little sister is chosen, 16-year-old Katniss steps forward in her place.

I was surprised at how interesting I found this book, to the point of staying up much too late to finish it at break-neck speed. It is a formula with the usual formulaic elements (she's prettier than she knows, just being herself engages the crowd, etc.) of a girlie adventure book. However, the competition and her relationship with Peeta raises this above the usual fare.

I know that eventually she's gonna have to take the bahstids at Capitol out and, although I've heard the other two books of the trilogy are less solid, I am curious to see what happens. I'll have to wait a bit though since I can't check out another Amazon book until March 1 and the library has 117 people waiting in line before me for an available copy. So I will rejoin the tale in a couple of weeks.
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25.0% "A strong beginning that launches right into the gist of the story while painting in the world of the Capital and districts with vivid, sparse description. Nicely done and I am pleased to be caught up in wondering how the two main characters will interact during the games, especially since I know the story's premise which had me relatively disinterested at the beginning of the book."

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message 1: by Naomi (new)

Naomi Young Julie, I read the big silver paperback Les Miserables a few years ago. We didn't have our own laundry machines, and I just made it my laundromat book. There are times it drags horribly, but I'm still glad I read the whole thing!

Julie Davis I will keep that in mind and remember that I have to power through some spots! :-)

Andrew Ordover Yes, good luck not staying up till all hours on the other two books. Can't be done.

Julie Davis Thank goodness I'm forced to wait to borrow them every two weeks from Amazon. I can catch up on sleep in the meantime!

Clare Cannon It will be interesting to see if you like it by the time you finish the series, I was hoping it would get better and reveal a purpose they were working towards and allow for some real heroism, but unfortunately I think it got worse...

Julie Davis That is what Rose said. She was quite disappointed and I trust her judgment.

Leah Interesting book, I don't think I'll read the other two. Interesting book, well written for YA, I had a lot of problems with it. Should see the movie, will probably be better.

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