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A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer
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Feb 23, 2012

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I can usually get a pretty good feel for a book within the first chapter. The dialogue, writing style, character descriptions etc – like every other reader, I don’t usually find it hard to tell if I am going to like something from the start. But A Blood Seduction was one of those books where I was constantly standing on the sideline not really knowing if I was about to start loving it, or exactly the opposite.

When I requested this book it didn’t have any classifications on Goodreads, other than someone tagging it as ‘Paranormal Romance.’ This was also my first Pamela Palmer read, so I didn’t know what to expect. Looking at the book now though – it has a people classifying it as Urban Fantasy. I think this may be the reason why I couldn’t fall madly in love with it. I’m not a fan of Urban Fantasy. I will plead ignorance and say that I don’t even know the definition of the genre, but every book I’ve read hasn’t had enough romance to keep me satisfied. So that is one reason for the 3 star review – which is reflective of my own personal tastes and not the book itself.

This story was also very dark. Vamp City is somewhat of a parallel city of Washington, yet lacks sunshine and everything is dead and dreary. So there’s no fluffy bunnies or skipping in the park in this book. Most scenes are consumed with darkness. The vampires are also very sinister and rarely have redeeming qualities....even the male protagonist. So to sum it up in a few words – if I was sent into Vamp City, I would crap my dacks and hope for a quick death.

Now, onto the characters. I enjoyed Quinn for the most part, she fought for her brother and I loved her determination and unwillingness to give up. But Arturo.....okay he was a hottie and I wanted (oh boy did I want to) love him, but I just couldn’t. I need a hero who won’t sexually assault me with the reasoning of ‘but I planned on taking away your memories afterwards). Touching someone without their consent is sexual assault, with or without the memory of it. I kept waiting for him to redeem himself, kept waiting for the chance to fall in love with him, but I just didn’t.

At one point Quinn says to herself (I’m not quoting, cause I can’t remember the exact words) ‘I knew he would never her me physically.’ Yes, she may have believed Arturo would never physically hurt her, but he left some damn fine emotional scars.

I could keep writing forever...but I will spare you my dribble. I gave this story 3 stars because I think the writing itself was fantastic. The author has a great voice, can make exciting action packed scenes and kept me entertained, I just didn’t love the story. And like I mentioned before – I’m not a fan of Urban Fantasy. There wasn’t enough romance in it for me. In saying that, there was never a point where I said to myself ‘maybe I should put this down and try something else.’ I always wanted to know how it turned out.

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39.0% "I'm not quite sure how the hero will redeem himself or if I will be convinced when he does."
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Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly Crap.Your saying that at 70%?

Riverina Romantics Ratio 10% romance IMO. So far anyway and I'm now at 82%

message 4: by Ren (new) - added it

Ren I got this from Edelweiss. Request it because I love her Feral Warrior series. But no romance? No hanky-panky so far? :/

Riverina Romantics There is Ren, just not enough for me. And the hero isn't even really a hero in my opinion. Well not yet anyway.

It's not my sort of story unfortunately - well written, but I'm not overly enjoying it.

Laurie Garrison So to sum it up in a few words – if I was sent into Vamp City, I would crap my dacks and hope for a quick death.

You got that right LOL. I feel the same as you on this one. I wish the classifications were better on these books. I just hope when it comes out it doesn't say paranormal romance on the back...

Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly You mean like the first couple of Night Huntress books Laurie? People still call those PNR instead of UF because of the way Cat & Bones go at it all the time.

Riverina Romantics Nah, Night Huntress had a great mix of romance and flirting IMO. This book didn't have enough for me.

Laurie Garrison Yes, you remember they said PNR on the back for the first two books before they changed to fantasy. But this series is nothing like Frost series. I would only recommend it to more hard core UF people because of all the cruelty. I never really noticed any kind of romance in here but I guess things could change in coming books.

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