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Underworld by Don DeLillo
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Feb 23, 2012

really liked it

You know how you feel/see things differently when drunk? This book was like that. Too damn loosey goosey and for DeLillo's own good. There was no real spine to this novel. Were we really supposed to be following a baseball as it made its way through an entire generation?

DeLillo showed us how God himself could look down on us, through us, into us...but our mortal reader brains are not usually capable of seeing connections in the way God/DeLillo can...and even when we can see them we do not always believe in them. End result: linguistical mastery wasted.

I would never read this book a second time, unless reincarnation is true and I have unlimited time. It was real work reading this and I walked away wondering what I got for my efforts. I'd like to think an author could point out that the baby boomer generation screwed up most of a planet in about one sentence and save the 800 extra pages. There, I just did it.

The book started out with a soberingly powerful opening, and because of that opening I kept hoping for a return to that level of magic throughout the work and left a bit disappointed. I give this more than 3/5, I give it a 7/10. Better than Cosmopolis, lesser than White Noise. That's my humble opinion.

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