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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
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05/17/2012 page 83
17.0% "The world building is fantastic, I think. Good job, Julie Kagawa!"
05/17/2012 page 98
20.0% "Not gunna lie, I imagine Kanin super hot... :-)
But this just got super dark...Ah, the premise feels hopeless!!!"
05/17/2012 page 120
25.0% "Kaniiiiiiin!!!
Unfortunately...I don't believe him to be the love interest. **weeps in corner**"
05/17/2012 page 142
30.0% "Eh...It's getting boring...I'm not really connecting with all two characters so far."
05/18/2012 page 236
49.0% "-_-
Someone's getting lazy (Hint: Author)"
05/18/2012 page 304
63.0% "Nothing interesting is happening.... :-("
05/18/2012 page 340
71.0% "I feel as if absolutely nothing is happening. And it's ticking me off. Aghhhhhhh have YA authors ever heard of something called a "Plot"???? Not the kind that you squish into the last 100-150 pages. The real kind. Allison doesn't even have a MOTIVE."
05/18/2012 page 370
77.0% "Boreeeeeeeeed"
05/18/2012 page 406
85.0% "Dear Zeke,
why are you such a boring love interest?
-From Shay
P.S. Kanin is awesome."
05/18/2012 page 451
94.0% "Dear Zeke,
Yes, I'm writing another letter to you. You should leave because your boring. And while you're at it, please go get Kanin and bring him back, because Shay can't stand another minute reading this without him. So, yeah. Please do that.
05/18/2012 page 480
100.0% "Ohmygosh, I am so glad that I'm finally finished with this..."
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