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Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews
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Feb 23, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: duds
Read in February, 2012

one thing was engaging enough to keep me reading: i wanted to know what happened to her mom. at some point her "mama" became known simply by her first name, which reflected what i found to be an unsatisfying and unexpected lack of depth with the emotional side of our heroine.
sure, even before then the exposure of our heroine's heart was uneven: sometimes it was quite shallow and limited to the skin-deep attraction of her vocation. other times it had surprising substance, like some of the antiques she "pined" after. (Oh please MaryKay, go back and take out at least 20% of the "pine" and "pine-heart" adjectives! don't you dixie chicks ever find any other kinds of wood in your furnishings?).
truly, the hissy fit that started this book wasn't enough to earn a title. it was entertaining and energetic, but that was over the first chapter. the two later hissy fits were not enough of anything. well, the fountain hissy fit was entertaining but by then i just didn't care about that particular character enough to enjoy it. the final hissy fit, at bascomb's place was way too small to balance the relativity to the events it signified.
sure, the way the end of the book played out may reflect a realistic and moralistic resolution to the conflict of her mother's abandonment, but that's not what i want in fiction. in fiction there should be a much more emotionally satisfying tip at justice with the resolution to this mystery.
thank you for reading my review!

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